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Our calibrated 200ml syringe with Luer lock connection is made entirely of A+ rated materials for ozone compatibility.

The 200ml ozone syringe is made with a polycarbonate body and a silicone plunger. The only materials ozone will contact is polycarbonate and silicone (for more information about compatible materials you can view our Ozone Materials Compatibility chart). Since the 200ml syringe is made with A+ components you can use it up to 100 times at a concentration range of up to 60 gamma (ug/ml).

How to Use

The 200ml syringe with Luer lock male connection will attach to any female Luer lock port on an ozone generator. Once the syringe is attached and the gas begins to flow, the plunger will automatically fill. The silicone plunger will need to occasionally be lubricated so that the syringe piston can move up and down smoothly on its own (more info below).

The Luer lock connection makes it easy to connect our Luer lock catheters. You can use other catheters are long as you have a female Luer lock connector to attach to some tubing.

200ml is a fairly standard dose for ozone insufflations. The user can do less if desired. For amounts greater than 200ml, the user can fill the syringe multiple times.

Other plastic syringes are not the same

Most plastic syringes are made out of polypropylene and typically last for one to three uses because the plunger starts to stick. Plastic syringes made with rubber stoppers start to oxidize almost immediately which can create a strong toxic odor from the rubber. The plunger in this syringe is silicone and won't oxidize like rubber.

Lubricating the plunger

Because ozone is so reactive with most conventional lubricants, we recommend using a natural vegetable oil like olive or coconut. We know these oils will not create any harmful byproducts when they come into contact with ozone. Because we make ozonated oils and use these oils in suppositories, we know this is perfectly safe.

Special Package Available

You can save by buying our 200ml syringe with 10 Luer lock catheters. To take advantage of this, visit our Syringe and Catheters Package page.

Return policy: Not returnable if opened or used. 5% restock fee if returned within 30 days in original sealed packaging.

Ideal for use with Luer lock catheters.
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