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Promolife Guides

Below you can find guides and resources about a variety of Promolife products and services. We will be adding to this over time.

Featured Guide: Glass vs. Ceramic: What's Better for Ozone Generators?

Water Quality

This guide breaks down a variety of water filtration systems and helps you determine the quality of your local water.

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Fluoride Filters

Choosing the Right Fluoride Filter lists methods for safely removing fluoride from your water, no matter where you are.

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Pain Relief

Our pain relief guide gets you started with natural methods like electrical stimulation, LED light therapy and sound therapy options.

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Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy and About Ozone provide the basics for getting started with ozone, what it is, and how it's been used in the past.

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Ozone Setup Guides


Video Guides

You may also want to look through our Videos for installation instructions and other information.