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Pain is a condition that most humans can't escape. A variety of drugs and treatments have been developed but on this page we'll show you some drug free methods that may help you avoid some of the side effects of other methods

Using Sound Therapy

Stress accumulates with increased cortisol levels in our blood, which puts us in a mode of preparedness for unexpected events. Cortisol diverts the resources of the body from healing and immune response to preparedness for battle: increasing blood sugar levels for strength and endurance, and blocking inflammatory chemicals so we feel less pain and don't consume our energy on healing.

Ideally a small amount of inflammatory chemicals released by damaged cells would call for the ideal healing response. However, traumatized cells behave like traumatized people - often with wild, unpredictable responses, like flooding surrounding tissue with inflammatory chemicals in a desperate and often ineffective call for help, causing excessive, unnecessary pain and damaging surrounding tissue. Sound therapy devices like the Infratonic 9000 and others are remarkably effective at reducing pain, muscle tension, and agitation by reducing cellular trauma, inducing calm clarity at the cellular level. This contributes to increased vitality, a brighter outlook on life and speedier recovery.

Pharmaceutical companies have come up with a wide variety of pain relief drugs. Steroids (synthetic cortisol products such as cortisone) relieve pain by blocking inflammation. Other pain drugs, called non-steroidal anti-inflammatories or NSAIDS, also inhibit inflammation. Pharmaceutical companies have hyped the concept of reducing inflammation, but anti-inflammatories still block the healing process for the sake of pain relief. Rather than blocking all inflammatory chemicals, we need the cells to produce the optimal amount of each chemical to accelerate healing.

Chronic pain sufferers who take anti-inflammatories and use the Infratonic 9000 and similar devices sometimes report slower recovery than with the device alone. By calming the cellular trauma, the unit converts an excessive inflammatory response into an effective healing response. Anti-inflammatories, by blocking inflammation, often block our healing response, which in turn can slow our healing.

Using LED Light Therapy

LED Light Therapy has been shown to provide pain relief, and also increases speed, quality and strength of cell tissue repair, increases blood supply to the affected area, helps to reduce swelling, stimulates the immune system and nerve conduction, generates new cells, promotes faster wound healing and develops collagen and muscle tissue. It is widely used in conjunction with conventional and alternative therapies without side effects.

In order to understand the following information you will need to know the following terms and what they really mean.

  • Wavelength = Measured in Nanometers, determines the color of the LED.
  • Pulsing = The turning off and on of an LED at various rates.
  • Frequencies = Our competitors' word for rate of pulsing or turning off and on LEDs

Some companies advertise they are selling seven frequencies of light, when in fact they only have two or three wavelengths of light and are pulsing them seven different ways. An LED is on 100% of the time so if you pulse the LED it may be off even more than it is on. The LEDs in the PAIN-X-2000 and some similar products are on 100% of the time. This helps explain why some of our competitors’ products take longer to treat the patient.

Using Electric Stimulation

TENS pain relief units use electrical frequencies to help relieve several types of pain, without drugs or harmful side effects. Over time, they have been shown to actually reverse some pain problems. They've been used for years by medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists and other health professionals.

If you have back pain, shoulder pain, arm and wrist pain, ankle pain, leg pain or neck pain, a TENS unit may help relieve that pain and stress without heavy duty painkillers or over the counter pain medications. If you can avoid taking painkillers, you'll feel better, avoid becoming dependent, and your body won't grow used to the pills, making them ineffective if you really need them later.

Hot and cold therapy and microvibration have also been proven effective at relieving pain. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at 888-742-3404.