Whole House 10in Fluoride Reduction System

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The 10" Whole House Fluoride Reduction System is designed to reduce the levels of fluoride and other contaminates for your entire home.

A whole house system is ideal when you want to improve the water at every tap and bath, without buying multiple point of use systems. We also offer a 20" Whole House Fluoride Removal System, which removes up to 95%+ of fluoride (as long as your fluoride levels are 1.5ppm or below). For those who need a smaller system, the 10" is the way to go.

The system includes four bone char filters, four housings, and the necessary brackets and wrench for installation and future filter changes.

How does bone char work?

Bone char is a highly effective water filtration media and is especially good at attracting and pulling fluoride from the water. It also filters out heavy metals, chlorine and other contaminates. It is very useful in a whole house system because it isn't affected by pH or swings in temperature.

Bone char specifications

Our bone char can significantly reduce fluoride levels as long as your water does not contain more than 1.5 ppm of fluoride. Each 10" cartridge contains approximately 3 1/4 pounds of bone char. The dimensions of each housing are 13" H x 7.5" D.

Depending on water flow, the approximate removal of fluoride with this system is between 0.1 and 0.15 ppm for each 10" filter. The higher the water flow, the less removal. The lower the flow, the more will be removed. These removal rates are not lab certified, but have been tested locally.

Sediment Prefilters

If your water has high levels of sediment turbidity, we highly recommend a sediment prefilter to keep your new water system from getting easily clogged. We offer one under Available Options above. This will take out dirt and debris before it gets to your main filter system. Promolife isn't responsible if your water filters clog quickly after installation of the fluoride reduction system.


Money Back Policy

We are confident our fluoride system will reduce the amount of fluoride in your water. If they do not, we will provide a full refund minus shipping. The purchaser must send the filters back before we can provide a refund. The customer must prove that fluoride is not being removed. Contact the water company in your locale and request a water report, which will tell you how much fluoride existed in your water previously. Then have your post filter water tested and send the results and the local water report to Promolife. If you do not see a significant reduction in fluoride you qualify for our money back policy.

Note:  Some locations might have very high levels of fluoride that no system can clear adequately. If fluoride levels exceed 2 ppm we can not guarantee the promised reduction. If you have these high levels we can offer recommendations and assistance but we can't offer our money back guarantee. Promolife holds the right to refuse any water test we believe was falsely performed.

The 10" system is ideal for those who want to reduce fluoride and other contaminates but need a smaller system. The amounts reduced depend on how much fluoride is in the water, water pressure and other factors.
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