Vortex Vitalizer Plus Portable Water Vitalizer

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The Vitalizer Plus water vitalizer creates hexagonal water which may provide a variety of health benefits.

The Vitalizer Plus is small, about the size of a blender, and creates an unlimited supply of hexagonal or vitalized water.    Vitalized water is made up of six molecules of water held together by hydrogen bonds.  This makes the water more capable of quick assimilation into the cells and has been shown to improve hydration, waste removal, nutrient delivery, metabolic efficiency and cell communication.

Vitalized water has more oxygen, up to 30% more than normal water.  So how is it made?

Plug it in and choose from one of three different time settings.  The Vitalizer Plus then creates a vortex of spinning water that creates highly energetic, hexagonally-structured water.  Ionized, structure-making minerals help keep the hexagonal structure and significantly raise the pH, making the water more alkaline.

Vitalizeed water is great for mixing in soups and juices and will add vital energy to to whatever you make.  Pets and plants love this water as well.  The durable construction has a one year repair or replacement guarantee.  It comes with one mineral cube.  Additional cubes can be purchased.

What is the mineral cube?

The mineral cube reintroduces nutrients that are removed during tap or bottled water processing, like calcium, zinc, magnesium and potassium.  It helps maintain the hexagonal water structure.  The display will tell you when it is time to replace the cube.

Note:  Not a water purifier.  Do not use chlorinated or fluoridated water in your Vitalizer.

Note: Not a water purifier. Do not use chlorinated or fluoridated water in your Vitalizer.
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