Vita-Mat Far Infrared Heating Mat

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The Vita-Mat enables you to enjoy the benefits of full body far infrared therapy with the added benefits of Jade, Germanium, Charcoal and Yellow Mud.

The Vita-Mat consists of a unique combination of 13 layers to give you the most beneficial healing experience. This sets it apart from other far infrared mats.  This very comfortable far infrared pad will put you in a state of deep relaxation within just a few minutes.  Natural jade stones emit long wave far infrared rays that can penetrate the body up to five or six inches. 

Jade stones and Germanium also emit negative ions which give a sense of well being and balance.  Germanium’s therapeutic qualities are utilized in some of the most famous spas in Japan. The charcoal helps block harmful electromagnetic waves and radiation, while the yellow mud helps maintain a cleansing effect and consistent body temperature.  

Jade also contains magnesium and calcium, and its wavelength is the same as the GI wave of a human. When heated, jade emits far infrared rays that penetrate deeply, with a resonance effect that can help promote circulation, revive tissues and eliminate wastes.

What is the Vita-Mat?

The Vita-Mat is a far infrared heating mat that can help improve circulation, relax the body and promote detoxification. Far infrared emission reaches a high level of 93.5% in the beneficial 7-14 micron range.

Far infrared is known to relieve soreness and pain, loosen tired muscles, stimulate beneficial body processes, enhance the immune system, relieve stress and much more. Body work can be improved significantly if the Vita-Mat is used on a massage table.

Prepare for improved sleep, less stress and wonderful relaxation with a Vita-Mat.

An example of the increased circulation provided by the Vita-Mat Far Infrared Mat:


The Vita-Mat and EMF

The Vita-Mat neutralizes electromagnetic fields via cancellation because of a unique wiring structure. This, in combination with the charcoal, eliminates most of the EMF radiation that concerns many people.

More about far infrared and the Vita-Mat

Far infrared reaches deeper into the body than a traditional heat pad, stimulating many processes in the body. Warming creates a slight increase in your heart rate as circulation opens, providing better blood flow to your tissues, improving oxygenation and eliminating more toxins. The sweat response is also activated, helping carry away toxins. With regular use, the Vita-Mat's far infrared might help reduce blood pressure.

Daily use has helped relieve some of the symptoms of chronic fatigue and pain problems, and speeds healing and recovery from strains, over-exertion and stress. NASA has proven that far infrared is good for the body. Far infrared is naturally emitted and received by the body.

Bio-ceramic is composed of a blend of clays and chemicals formulated for specific properties. Studies in Asia showed it safely raises temperature and metabolism, expands capillaries and increases recovery of tissues.


  • Single Size Dimensions: 34 inches wide x 75 inches length x 1 inch thick
  • Double Size Dimensions: 54 inches wide x 75 inches length x 1 inch thick
  • Electromagnetic Frequency (EMF) Safe
  • Insurance billing code for Far Infrared Heat Therapy is CPT 97026. Please contact your individual insurance carrier to check their policies and coverage options.

Return policy:  A 15% restock fee applies if returned within 15 days and in new, unused condition.

The Vita-Mat combines very well with far infrared dome saunas. Your insurance plan may reimburse part or all of the cost of this mat. As we can not bill insurance companies, contact your plan provider to determine their policies on reimbursement and if this mat might fall under your particular plan.
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