VibraTrim VT500 Whole Body Vibration Machine

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The VibraTrim VT500 is the latest in world class WBV equipment, with many advancements over previous models.

Twenty minutes a day and a good diet. That's all you need to gain energy, improve flexibility, and lose weight by simply standing on a VT500 Whole Body Vibration unit. In one machine, you get three types of motion: orbital, oscillation, and DualVib) created by two strong motors. The VT500 is ideal for all user types from basic to advanced, and it comes with a manual, large exercise wall chart, a manual program, and six built-in programs (three can be modified by you to match your needs).

Features of the VibraTrim VT500

  • World class machine for homes or light commercial uses.
  • Dynamic display is a digital tube with intelligent microcomputer controls to easily adjust speed.
  • Three types of motion: DualVib, oscillating and orbital
  • Sixty speeds per type of vibration - that's 420 potential combinations!
  • DualVib allows you to combine oscillating and orbital motions to work muscles both ways at once
  • Motion is generated in the three spacial planes which helps work more muscles and more effectively fight cellulite

What's included:

  • VT500 Whole Body Vibration machine
  • Resistance bands with Velcro
  • 1 1/4 hour DVD and 88 page manual and exercise guide
  • Getting started guide
  • 12 basic exercises
  • 31 strength exercises
  • 8 stretches
  • 10 massages
  • Large wall chart shows many exercises and the muscles they work
  • Full three year warranty on whole machine, two additional years for the frame and motors

The VT500 vs. the VT400

The VT500's motor is twice as powerful. While the outer dimensions are the same, the VT500's usable surface area is 58% greater. The VT400 has two foot pads while the VT500 platform is flat. This gives you more options and freedom. The VT500's control panel is a dynamic display with rotary controls. This lets you dial through speeds faster instead of pushing up and down buttons. Both have three built-in preset programs. The VT400 has six more you can modify via a USB flash drive. The VT500 has three you can modify built in, so you don't have to worry about losing the flash drive. The VT500 has more weight capacity and the Velcro on the resistance bands make them easier to use.

Types of motion

The VT500 lets you choose what your body needs most. Don't settle for a single motion. You can choose from oscillating, orbital or DualVib.


Same mechanics as walking for a very natural method of training. Creates a stimulating massage motion that works more difficult areas without extra effort.

Orbital (Spiral)

Has had great effects for pain relief for patients with neuropathy. A great massage for achy muscles. Recommended for recovery and those who can't practice intense workouts. A smooth elliptical motion in the horizontal plane.


Combines orbital and oscillating to work muscles transversely and longitudinally. Makes motion in the tri-axial planes to work muscles better and fight cellulite more effectively.

The VT500 is compatible with a wide variety of beauty, sport or health treatments to boost positive results of everything you do.


A manual program allows you to control the orbital and oscillating vibrations independently or together. Three presets control speed, time span and vibration. You can modify three of the six built-in options at any time by defining the time and vibration mode that best matches your needs.


  • Maximum Power: 3HP
  • Input Voltage: 110V 60Hz AC
  • Input Power: 2 Direct current motors of 1000W and 500W
  • Vibration Type: Oscillating, Oribital, and DualVib
  • Speed Settings: 60 Oscillation, 60 Spiral, 360 DualVib
  • Amplitude: Oscillating (0 to 11mm), Orbital (1 to 2.5mm), DualVib (1 to 10mm)
  • Frequency: Oscillating (5-22Hz), Orbital (15-45Hz), DualVib (25-50Hz)
  • G Force: 2.8-17.24 Hs
  • Programs: Manual, 6 built-in (3 user definable)
  • Length of programs: 1-20 min
  • Weight Capacity: 450 Lbs
  • Vibrating Plate Size: 20"x27"
  • Column Material: Aluminum Alloy Side Panels with Steel Frame
  • Base Material: Steel
  • Net Weight: 148 lbs
  • Assembled Size: 33"x27"x57.5"

Return policy:  10%-25% restock fee applies if returned within 30 days.

400 pound weight capacity.
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