VibraTrim VT400 Whole Body Vibration

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The VibraTrim VT400 has three types of movement, a heart rate monitor and other important features.

The VibraTrim VT400 is much like the VibraTrim VT100 with some important added features.

Oscillating movement

1. Generates a stimulating massage movement that makes the more difficult areas of the body work without any effort
2. Helps eliminate body fat
3. Offers an extremely natural training method (the same mechanics as walking)

ORBITAL movement

It produces a smooth elliptical motion in the horizontal plane. Highly recommended for recovery and for people who cannot do intensive workouts.

DUAL VIB movement:

Adds orbital motion to the traditional oscillating motion that vibrating platforms produce. The muscles are worked not only longitudinally but also transversely. It generates motion in the 3 spatial planes (tri-axial) which is vital for: 1. Working the muscles more thoroughly; 2. Fighting more effectively against cellulite


A manual program that you control both the oscillating, orbital vibrations either together or independently. Three preset programs controls both vibration and changes speeds and time span. The user can also define 6 programs of their own which can be changed at any time, using the USB Flash Drive Programs. You can define which vibration mode or both is active for a defined length of time in a total of 12 steps that can run once or looped to run up to 20 minutes total.

More General Features

  • 60 Speeds per vibration type that is 360 speed combinations
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Resistance bands included
  • Large exercise wall chart that shows many exercises and the muscles being exercised
  • Only 14 screws to assemble

Reasons to buy VibraTrim:

  • Our Solid Steel construction (not plastic like the others) assures a solid and quiet operation!
  • Powerful 1.5 horse power motor! 20 different speed settings, up to 50Hz.
  • Easy operation - simple manual controls and three preset programs.
  • Easy monitoring of your body fat.
  • Proper vibration motion with proper pivotal up/down movement - some machines do not!
  • Affordable - comparable vibration machines sell for between $3000 and $14,000!
  • Five year warranty on motors and frame; three years on everything else.

The VibraTrim Warranty

Five year warranty on motors and frame; three year warranty on all other parts. Most company's warranties require that you pay the freight both ways and that they will fix your original unit. This may take several weeks to accomplish.

The way that we handle your warranty service is much different from most companies. If there is a problem that arises with any unit, we want you to call us right away. From that phone call we will determine what the problem is and the best way to correct it. If it is not a simple fix, we simply send you a new unit by FedEx Ground. When the new one arrives you put the old one in the box and send us an email that it is ready for pickup. We then have FedEx come by and pick it up to return to our warehouse. All of this is at no cost to you. VibraTrim stands behind what they sell.

The VT400 was reviewed by The Reviewboard Magazine. They spent a couple of weeks analyzing, testing and scrutinizing every aspect of the VT400 with little people, big people, men, women, young and old. They have published their independent non-biased findings on the Internet. They concluded that “this is a must look for on the list and we recommend the product highly.” and have awarded it their Reviewboard Best Buy Award.


  • 3 types of movement in just 1 machine (orbital, oscillation and vibra-oscillating)
  • The VT400 oscillating platform is suitable for all types of users, from the most basic level to the most advanced.
  • Compatible with other sports activities
  • VT400 is not meant to replace other sport, health or beauty treatments, it boosts the effects of positive results
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Anyone, independent of age or physical condition, can use the VibraTrim VT400


  • INPUT VOLTAGE: 110 Volt 60Hz
  • INPUT POWER: 2 motors of 500W and 300W (continuous current)
  • SPEED SETTING: Each type of vibration can be set 0 –60 either independently or together
  • AMPLITUDE: Oscillating: 10mm / Orbital: 1 to 2mm / DualVib: 1 to 10mm
  • FREQUENCY: Oscillating: 5 - 30Hz / Orbital: 15 - 40Hz / DualVib: 25 - 50Hz
  • G FORCE: 2.8 - 3.5 Gs
  • VIBRATION TYPE: Oscillating, Orbital, and DualVib
  • VIBRATING PLATE SIZE: 51cm x 68cm / 20” x 27”
  • ASSEMBLED SIZE: 58cm x 68cm x 134cm / 23” x 27” x 53”
  • NET WEIGHT: 57Kg / 126 lbs.
  • GROSS WEIGHT: 146 LBS (For shipping - it is packaged in two boxes, specs below)
  • 74.5 x 65 x 70.5 cm / 29.5" x 26" x 12" 106#
  • 139 x 33 x 30 cm / 57.7" x 13" x 12" 40#

Return policy: 10%-25% restock fee applies if returned within 30 days.

331 pound weight limit.
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