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The VibraSlim Europlate whole body vibration machine is a revolutionary addition to any fitness routine.

Whole Body Vibration is backed by science and used by universities, fitness centers, athletes, celebrities, sports teams and a variety of health care professionals.  Want to see the first clinical study results?  Click here.

The VibraSlim Europlate is calibrated scientifically and produces vibrations adjustable from 10-50Hz.  By standing on the plate, vibrational energy is transferred to your whole body.  These cause involuntary muscle contractions that have been shown to provide a number of benefits.  It's a revolution in fitness.

The human body has an amazing ability to adapt and whole body vibration results are a direct result of that.  Muscles contract and relax up to 30 times every second, activating multiple muscle groups and helping improve strength, performance, power, flexibility and range of motion.  

The VibraSlim Europlate can help fight osteoporosis and bone loss

The decalcification of bones is a major problem, primarily in the elderly population.  Osteoporosis comes on partly because of a lack of movement, causing circulation to decrease and muscles to weaken.  Using whole body vibration, muscles become stronger and regain tone while circulation improves due to widening of blood vessels.  The pulsating action stimulates bone tissue, helping promote production of new tissue.  All of this can help fight osteoporosis.

Build your muscle strength, reduce pain, burn fat and recover faster

The muscle contractions caused by vibration help improve athletic performance, increase blood flow and provide exercise in a low impact environment.  Vibration activates the glands that naturally lubricate your joints.  Sports injuries can heal faster.  Lack of mobility and fatigue can be reduced.  Vibration training helps in the development of leaner muscle tissue and better body tone while increasing lymphatic drainage and circulation.  Studies show that this training, used three time a week for ten minutes, compares to and sometimes surpasses 60 minutes worth of training with weights in a gym.

Increased hormone levels

Research has shown that after vibrational training, the stress hormone cortisol drops while the body experiences a higher excretion of testosterone and growth hormone.  The combination has favorable effects on your sense of well being and muscle protein synthesis.  A Bosco study found the following effects:  Testosterone: + 7%  Human Growth Hormone: + 460% Cortisol: - 32%

Why the VibraSlim Europlate?

The Vibraslim Whole Body Vibration Platform is one of the best and highest quality machines available.  It is rock solid and super quiet and is superior in quality and construction to machines costing a lot more. 

Features and Specifications of the Europlate Platform

  • Solid steel construction
  • Compact - footprint of only 24 x 28 inches
  • Easy operation - simple manual controls and three automatic settings
  • Proper vibration motion with up/down movement
  • Powerful 1.5 hp motor
  • Full frequency range 10 - 50 Hz - twenty manual settings
  • Affordable
  • Two year warranty
  • Maximum power - 1.5hp
  • Input Voltage 110v/60hz
  • Input Wattage 550 watts 5 amps
  • Vibration range – 17 settings
  • Program settings - 5
  • Amplitude – 1 -10mm
  • User weight capability - 300 lbs - 120kg
  • Size - 22D x 32W x 48H inches
  • Platform dimensions - 22 x 14 inches
  • Net weight - 92 lbs / 42kg
  • Shipping weight 99 lbs / 45kg
  • Shipping box dims: 39 x 26 x 13
  • G. Force - 2.8 - 3.5 Gs
  • Frequency - 0 - 50 Hz
  • Vibration type - Triangular Oscillating Vibration (up, down and sideways)
  • Steel Construction
  • Certifications - UL, CE and ISO 9001
  • Country of Manufacture - Taiwan

Benefits of Whole Body Vibration

  • Increase your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) output by up to 460%.
  • Build bone density and fight osteoporosis.
  • Boost your body's natural collagen production while decreasing the appearance of cellulite.
  • Increase your basal metabolic rate.
  • Reduce your back and joint pain.
  • Decrease blood pressure and cortisol levels.
  • Elevate your serotonin and neutrophine levels for better mood and sense of well being.
  • Improve both blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
  • Decrease your recovery time after workouts.
  • Increase your muscle strength up to 50% in as little as three weeks!
  • Dramatically increase your flexibility.
  • Heighten your sense of balance and improve coordination.
  • Tone and tighten skin.

Return information:  Non-returnable item for hygienic reasons.

300 pound weight limit.
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  • Highly recommend

    Posted by Barbara B on Aug 10th 2015

    Just received my Vibraslim and you just can't believe it is a life saver. It allows me to move every muscle i my body. Sort of like exercising without moving I sit all day and wow, you can feel it. I highly recommend this product.