Ultimate Whole House Water Filter System

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Imagine enjoying every tap in your house, from sinks to showers, without worrying about fluoride and harmful water pollution.

The Ultimate Whole House Water Filter System targets up to 99% of contaminates while preventing scale and measuring water flow.

This system is set up to be one of the best whole house water filtration systems you can find. It will safely reduce or remove a host of contaminates, including fluoride, heavy metals, viruses, bacteria, chlorine, chloramines and more. Many smaller systems or standard store bought systems can't remove fluoride, but the bone char filters of the Ultimate System are designed to do just that. And because it's a whole house system, it covers every tap, bath and shower at once.

With this set you get five 20" big blue housings, one sediment prefilter, one KDF/GAC filter, two Bone Char filters and one Chloramine filter. You also get the HardnessMaster Water Softener, which eliminates and prevent scale buildup and turns hard water into silky smooth soft water, and the Cold Water Meter, which will allow you to see how much water is flowing through your system. This makes it easy to know when to change your filters for maximum effectiveness. Four 1" NPT pipe nipples make setup a breeze.  

Types of Filters

Bone Char: This filter media is Kosher certified and 100% organic, made up of 80% phosphate of calcium, 10% carbon and 10% calcium carbonate. It leaves beneficial minerals, has no toxicity, doesn't affect pH, and does not leach pollutants back into the water. It is effective at removing fluoride (far better than coconut filters), heavy metals, radioactive isotopes, cadmium, mercury, lead, iron, copper, aluminum, arsenic, fertilizers, radium, pesticides, herbicides, chlorine and more. How it's made: Cow bones are taken from cold storage, thoroughly cleaned, left in the sun and rain for 90 days and then dried completely. Then it is carbonized under controlled conditions at 1472 degrees F.

KDF/GAC: GAC is similar to a carbon clock filter with larger pieces of carbon. It is great at eliminating bad odors and tastes. KDF, or Kinetic Degredation Fluxion, has been proven to get rid of iron, chlorine, chloramines, algae, bacteria, fungus, hydrogen sulfide, most heavy metals and others. It's 50% pure zinc and 50% pure copper. In water it creates an electro-chemical reaction, rendering harmful components harmless. It removes 95% of chlorine, making filters that follow last longer. It inhibits microorganisms, does not remove minerals, and meets EPA and FDA standards.

Chloramine: This is a catalytic high activity granular activated carbon filter. It's effective at removing chloramines and hydrogen sulfide, as well as organic compounds with low molecular weights like trihalomethanes and chloroform.

This whole house system truly is an ideal option for every tap in your home. It installs on the water line before the water heater.


Need replacements? Visit our Ultimate Whole House Replacement Filter Set.

Please contact us if you have any questions about your water and how to best filter it. You can ask your local water provider for a report if you need to know what is part of your particular supply.
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