Ultima Nuero Advanced Neuropathy Stimulator

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The Ultima Neuro is a major breakthrough in the treatment of foot and hand neuropathy pain and discomfort.

PDAC approved!  Medicare codes: HCPCS, E0730.  Physician's order/prescription required.

Ultima Neuro The Ultima Neuro was created to treat pain and discomfort caused by hand and foot neuropathy, as well as relieve symptoms of early onset neuropathy.  It's an electrotherapy unit that works with effective conductive socks and gloves (silver fiber).  The cuff works as a ground dispersive pad for current.

How to buy:  We've made it easy to choose your accessories for the Ultima Neuro.  With the unit you need at least one sock or glove, one grounding cuff for each garment and conductive spray.  For instance, if you want to treat a single hand, you'll need to add the spray, one grounding cuff and one glove.  If you were treating both feet you'd need spray, two grounding cuffs and two socks.  We can answer any questions you may have.

What you need for treatment, broken down

  • One hand:  Ultima Neuro, one glove, one grounding cuff, conductive spray
  • Two hands:  Ultima Neuro, two gloves, two grounding cuffs, conductive spray
  • One foot:  Ultima Neuro, one sock, one grounding cuff, conductive spray
  • Two feet:  Ultima Neuro, two socks, two grounding cuffs, conductive spray

Advantages of the Ultima Neuro System

This unit was made with comfort and convenience in mind.  The garments target the signals to the area where you need them most.  The TENS setting adds more functionality to treat other areas of the body as well using pre-gelled pads (not included).  Neuropathy treatments use the A and B modes (see chart below).  

Better than a standard TENS unit

The signals from the Ultima Neuro are more advanced and precise than your basic TENS unit.  This allows the unit to regulate the voltage based on tissue mass so you get what you need, no more, no less.  It's an effective, drug free method for pain relief for foot neuropathy, hand neuropathy and other pain typically treated with a TENS.  To use the TENS function just use some pre-gelled pads.

Warning:  Not for nursing or pregnant women.  Prescription required.  Use with physician's supervision.

Billing codes:  E0720 (TENS device) and E0731 (conductive garment electrode).

Package contains:  Ultima Neuro, one pair of lead wires, rechargeable Li-ion battery and charger, carrying case and user manual.  Choose your garments and number of cuffs under available options above.


PDAC approved! Medicare codes: HCPCS, E0730. Physician's order/prescription required.
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