Two Stage Countertop Water Purifier

Our Price:
$129.95 - $149.95

The two stage countertop water filter can reduce contaminates and pollutants from your drinking water.

The two stage water filter system is perfect for small spaces like dorms, RVs, offices or anywhere space comes at a premium.  The sediment filter and carbon block filter offer a good one-two punch towards cleaner water.  You can also choose to upgrade to a KDF/GAC filter, which can extend the life of the carbon block filter and offer even better purification.

All components are made in the USA.  The two stage system is easy to install using a simple diverter valve on your faucet, and replacing filters isn't a hassle.  The carbon block filter can reduce chlorine and remove sediment down to five microns in size.  Reduce or remove heavy metals and enjoy better taste, clarity and smell.

If you're looking to remove fluoride as well, check out our Fluoride Removal Systems.


  • Includes 5 micron sediment filter 5 micron Carbon block
  • Optional KDF/GAC available - KDF replaces the sediment filter and will extend the life of the carbon block and provide a greater enhanced water purification
  • Effectively removes chlorine, contaminants, chemicals, organic residues
  • 15,000 gallon capacity
  • Improves taste and eliminates odors
  • Easy cartridge replacement
  • Fits any faucet
  • 1 year warranty
  • Long reach stainless steel high quality Lead Free spout
  • Made in the USA


Perfect dorm rooms, this filter can provide water with reduced contaminates.
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