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Whole House Water Filter Systems are designed to provide safe bathing and drinking water across your whole house.

Whole HouseIt can be expensive and take too much space to use point of use water filters on every sink and tub in the house (and sometimes impossible).  A whole house water filter is made to counter this problem and give you peace of mind in every room.  If your local municipal or well water is contaminated with chemicals, chlorine, heavy metals, pharmaceuticals or microorganisms, a one stop option can make clean water an easy reality.  

Does your water have an odd taste?  Are there visible particles, stains on fixtures or other issues?  Or have you requested a water report from your municipality and didn't like what you saw?  Many contaminates have no taste and no sign of their presence without one.  If you have any concerns, water filtration may be exactly what you need.

Many people use filter pitchers or point of use systems, which can have a wide variance of effectiveness.  The point of entry systems take out the guesswork and cover the entire house.  It is installed on the house's main water source, filtering water before it ever reaches the tap.  They are made to accommodate the contamination level and size of the residence, and have blended carbon medias that can reduce or eliminate pharmaceuticals, chlorine, chemicals, herbicides and pesticides.  The sediment filters also remove sand, rust, dirt and grit particles.

System Sizes

  • Medium:  For spaces up 3,000 square feet with three to four residents.  Includes a 20 micron sediment filter and a 1 cubic foot backwashable carbon tank.  NSF approved components and filters.
  • Large:  For spaces larger than 3500 square feet with five or more residents.  Includes a 20 micron sediment filter and a 1.5 cubic foot backwashable carbon tank.  NSF approved components and filters.

Whole House Systems do a great job of removing contaminates.  If you want extra filtration of contaminates like fluoride, nitrates and other special, difficult to remove pollutants, you can consider an additional reverse osmosis system or fluoride filter system.  If you have any questions or need assistance, feel free to contact us.

Range of Benefits

  • Removal of chloramines, chlorine, pesticides, chemicals, dirt, sediment and herbicides.  (To remove bacteria, viruses and fungus we recommend adding a UV component)
  • Eliminates THMs and odors
  • Provides safe water for the entire house

Features of the Whole House Water Filter

  • Automatic computerized backwash for longer filter life.  Electric plug-in required.
  • Based on one person using up to 60 gallons of water a day, regular backwashing can help the filter last for three to five years.
  • Backwashing is recommended every two to three weeks.
  • Media:  Calgon High Quality Carbon and Jacobi Catalytic Carbon
  • Carbon is made in the USA and contains no contaminates
  • Sediment filter provides additional particle filtration
  • Ultraviolet upgrades are possible to kill viruses, bacteria and parasites
  • Ideal for residences; will function with 3/4", 1/2" or 1" inlet pipes
  • Also available for well water but a comprehensive water test is needed.  Contact us for details.
  • Valve Warranty: 15 years
  • Tank Warranty:  10 years

Additional Options

  • Contact us for information on how to add these to your system if you would like to have them.
  • Ultraviolet for bacteria, viruses and fungus.
  • Special Contaminant Removal:  high concentrations of iron can be eliminated with a special tank and media.  Off air tank also reduces hydrogen sulfide.  A water test is required.  
  • Softener Tanks:  for reducing iron and water hardness.  A water test is required.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Make sure to choose the right size for your space and situation. See the description for sizing.
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