Thermotech Moist Heating Pads

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Ease your pain and increase your circulation with a Thermotech Far Infrared Moist Heating Pad.

Thermotech Heat Pads offer moist heat treatments without adding water for the relief of all types of pain conditions.

During the healing process, moist heat therapy combined with far infrared has proven most effective to ease pain, reduce stiffness, and increase circulation. Capillaries are dilated which in turn increases blood flow which nourishes tissues with nutrients and oxygen to accelerate the healing process.

Moist heat is most effective for providing relief of many types of pain caused by sports injury, muscle injury, sore muscles, muscle strain, tendon injury and painful joints. It can help increase flexibility in joints, muscles and connective tissue.

Moist heat is preferred and recommended by physicians, chiropractors and physical therapists.

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  • Professional grade penetrating moist heat for longer relief
  • Digital control provides 4 Temperature and 4 Time settings
  • No water needed – produces its own moisture
  • Washable flannel outer cover
  • Automatic shut off after selected time period is over
  • One year warranty
  • Insurance billing code for Far Infrared Heat Therapy is CPT 97026. Please contact your individual insurance carrier to check their policies and coverage options.

Return Policy: 30 days return, must be in new and unused condition.

It is possible this pad may be covered by insurance. Consult your insurance company and physician to determine if your plan will reimburse you for the cost and what their policies are on reimbursement. We do not bill insurance companies, and due to the number of plans, there is no list we can provide for what every plan will cover.
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