TDP Energizer Far Infrared Mineral Floor Lamp - Manual

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This TDP Mineral Heat Lamp using Far Infrared is a single-head floor version with manual controls.

The TDP Energizer is a Far Infrared Mineral Lamp, coated with minerals essential to the body.  When heated at the right temperature, the curing plate emits bio-spectrum electromagnetic waves in the range of 1-25 microns that can be absorbed up to three inches into the body.  This energy can help improve metabolism and microcirculation as well as help strengthen the immune system.

TDP lamps like this have been used for years to treat millions of people around the world.  It is referred to in China as a miracle lamp due to the success it has shown in treating chronic problems.

Features & Specifications:

  • Far Infrared Ray Emission: 1-25 microns
  • 85% @ 5-20 microns
  • Diameter of Curing Plate: 6 1/2 in.
  • Area of Curing Plate: 33.5 square in.
  • Power: 110 volt, 275 watts
  • Total weight: 25 lbs.
  • Maximum height of lamp treatment 64"
  • Minimum height of lamp treatment 18"
  • Emission head adjusts to most any direction
  • Manual control timer - 0 - 60 minute
  • 6 Months Limited Warranty on Control Panel and Labor, 3 Months Limited Warranty on accessory parts.  
  • Curing Plate and heater life: 1000-1500 hours.
  • 510K approval #K993123
  • Insurance billing code for Far Infrared Heat Therapy is CPT 97026.  Please contact your individual insurance carrier to check their policies and coverage options

NOTE:  When first turning in your TDP lamp, you may notice a smell. This smell, which is the mineral compound burning into the curing plate, is temporary and will quickly dissipate.

Return policy:  A 15% restock fee applies if returned within 15 days.

NOTE: When first turning in your TDP lamp, you may notice a smell. This smell, which is the mineral compound burning into the curing plate, is temporary and will quickly dissipate.
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  • Great product

    Posted by Charles on Aug 5th 2015

    Very good product, easy to put together.

  • Deep heat

    Posted by Patricia on Aug 5th 2015

    This is a high quality product and I am really glad my massage therapist suggested I buy one. It provides a really deep heat that helps relax muscles. I especially like using it during massages.

  • Product works great.

    Posted by Vincent on Aug 5th 2015

    Product works great.

  • Nice pain relief

    Posted by Kari on Aug 5th 2015

    Very solid Construction. Stable base with wheels. Takes a few minutes to warm up - but is worth the wait. Nice pain relief.

  • Use it all the time

    Posted by Sheryl on Aug 5th 2015

    It works great & I use it all the time for myself & my father. Since it did not come with a manual on how to use it and what to use it for, I got advice from my chiropractor.