Sterling Silver BioElectric Shield with White Gold Tabs - Level Three

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This Sterling Silver with White Gold Tabs BioElectric Shield provides level three protection for individuals who sit at a computer all day and for energy sensitive people.

The sterling silver with white gold tabs BioElectric Shield will give you premium protection and will deflect 94 to 96% of electromagnetic frequency radiation (EMF).  This level three shield is recommended for people who spend four hours or more on a cell phone, use a computer for six or more hours a day, are health care professionals, therapists, energy workers or are energy sensitive, people who have frequent headaches or react badly to EMF or negative energy from others, or for those who travel often on an airplane.

The white gold tab shield is popular with wearers because of the strengthening effect of gold. It helps increase your ability to deal with other people's energy. The placement of the five 14K gold tabs amplifies the frequency that is being generated by the crystal matrix resulting in 15-20% more balancing and strengthening of your energy.

The white gold tabs perform identically to the yellow gold tabs. BioElectric Shields will sharpen your mental skills, including focus and concentration, boost your immune system, and lower your stress level.

International Orders or the ADD Focusing Matrix

If you are ordering outside of North America, you will need to add on the International Configuration. If you're interested in better focus and concentration, you can find more information on our ADD Focusing Matrix page. Note: If you are outside of North America and add on the ADD Focusing Matrix, you won't need to add on International Configuration.

Comes with a black satin cord.

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Level three (out of four). See the description for complete information.
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