Sterling Silver BioElectric Shield with 14kt Gold Tabs

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The Sterling Silver BioElectric Shield with 14K Gold Tabs is stronger than brass or silver with brass tabs and increases your protection by up to 20%.

What makes this shield better?  Gold.  Gold is the best conductor for the energies made by the Shield's crystal matrix.  The five gold tabs increase your energy balance potential and protection by 15-20%.

The Sterling Silver with Gold Tabs Shield strongly helps protect your body and brain from electromagnetic radiation from wireless networks, computers, cell phones and more.  It also deflects negative energies, balances your internal energy, sharpens your focus, lowers stress and helps boost your immune system.  This shield is great if you are very sensitive to the energies of other people.

This Shield is ideal for anyone who uses cell phones over four hours a day, uses computers for six to ten hours a day, works or lives in a WiFi environment, has high stress, is susceptible to headaches, the flu or irritability, feels drained often or has to deal with demanding family, friends or coworkers.

Each Shield is ready to wear, handcrafted in Montana, and comes in a gift box with a black tarnish-resistant pouch with a black cord and instructions.  The Shield is 1.18" in diameter, weights .5 ounces and is waterproof.

International Orders or the ADD Focusing Matrix

If you are ordering outside of North America, you will need to add on the International Configuration. If you're interested in better focus and concentration, you can find more information on our ADD Focusing Matrix page. Note: If you are outside of North America and add on the ADD Focusing Matrix, you won't need to add on International Configuration.

View the Frequently Asked Questions (new window).  Note:  Due to the fluctuating cost of gold, prices may change.  While we strive to have the most updated prices online, we will contact you if there is a difference when you make your order.

Return policy:  A 15% restock fee applies if returned within 30 days.

Level three out of four, with one representing basic protection and four being the highest available.
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