Sound Healing Music - Four Titles

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Music can add a whole new dimension to your healing routine.

These four cds can enhance your Ohm experience in a variety of ways.  You can buy one or all of them.  Sound samples are included below.

Vibrational Healing Music

cd-vib.jpgWhat characterizes every life form on earth?  Vibration.  The frequency or vibrational rate at which all forms resonate is the unique thing that gives that form it's own personality.  Marjorie de Muynck combines the Earth's ambient sounds from a wide array of sources, from the prolific, warm tones of honeybees to the syncopated rhythms of cicadas and crickets.

As we orbit the sun, a vibrational frequency known as Ohm permeates all living matter.  It's measurable.  On this CD you are offered a healing journey in Muynck's signature Ohm tuning, known to sooth, rejuvenate and balance.  You can transport yourself as your being harmonizes with the pure frequencies of the Earth.

We recommend that you listen to the Vibrational Healing Music CD when using Ohm tuning forks to amplify the experience of restoration offered by the album.

MP3 Samples:  Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3 | Sample 4

In the Key of Earth

cd-earth.jpgThe "In The Key of Earth" CD is a sonic celebration of our living planet, with it's cycles, breath, rhythms and pulse, a musical and resplendent thing.  Inside this ambient recording, the boundaries between music and sound bend through harmonics seldom heard using acoustic instruments.  The fundamental tone of Ohm is what all effects are built upon and was chosen because our fundamental place is Earth.  The harmonics and overtones are quite like colors, prisms playing off of Ohm.  Unexpected harmonics and nuances are incorporated and accentuated as elements of the composition for a symphonic, captivating and inspiring effect.

MP3 Samples:  Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3 | Sample 4

There's No Place Like Ohm Vol. 1

cd-vol-1-remix2.jpgMusical medicine - that's what it's like to listen to There's No Place Like Ohm.  A beautiful, relaxing sound odyssey that lets you journey and resonate with the Ohm tone.  While many chant the mantra of Om, this CD was made in the musical key of Ohm without the human voice.  It focuses on voices we hear in nature through animals and wind instruments.  The haunting didgeridoo, Armenian duduk, native american flute and whale songs combine in the key of Ohm, the most powerful vibration.  This frequency is based on the Earth's orbit as it progresses around the sun through all four seasons.  It's like a musical center of gravity.

Listen to this for stress reduction, relaxation, while practicing yoga or while meditating.  A great compliment to Ohm tuning forks.

MP3 Samples:  Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3

There's No Place Like Ohm Vol. 2

cd-vol-2-new.jpgIn the middle of a natural and holistic healing journey through cancer, Marjorie Muynck explores Ohm's restorative power musically in combination with healing, beautiful animal sounds.  The subtly textured sound wave lifts and carries the featured instruments.  The interweaving of animal and natural sounds creates a soothing dialog between string and wind instruments with the earth sounds that inspired them.  Great for use with Ohm tuning forks.  

Features the following instruments:  middle eastern oud, african kora, didgeridoo, native american flute, harmonica, soothing animal sounds.  Ideal for pain management and stress relief, spa treatments, body work and home use.

MP3 Samples:  Sample 1 | Sample 2 | Sample 3

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