Sonic Ohm Tuning Fork Kit

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The Sonic Ohm Tuning Fork Kit comes with the tuning fork, instructions and a latex-free activator.

The Ohm Therapeutics 1088.8 hz Sonic Ohm Tuning Fork is ideal for helping balance Chakras and the body's energetic fields, as well as for working with crystals and space clearing.  It has a pleasing crystalline clarity and is the highest frequency tuning fork we offer.  The high Ohm expression is an earth tone with grounding and balancing properties.  You can create a Sonic Ohm Octave by using this with the smaller tuning fork of the High Ohm Octave Set.

Space Clearing:  A room has an energetic center just like a body and is responsive to the movement of Qi.  Sonic and High Ohm tuning forks are great for resetting a room's energy and to balance and clear a space.

Chakra Balancing:  These are effective tools for helping direct vibration and are very popular for Chakra balancing.  The Sonic Ohm is good for cutting through stagnant energy.

Crystal Clearing:  Crystals are subjected to a lot of the same stresses and influences people experience.  The Sonic Ohm resonates well with the higher frequencies of crystals to clear and rebalance the energetic field.  Ohm is a natural choice because crystal's grow under the Earth's surface and therefore carry intrinsic Earth energy.

Comes with the tuning fork, instructions and a latex-free activator.
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