Solid Element Burner

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This Solid Element Burner keeps your oil warm during Ayurvedic treatments.

This cast iron burner is a great way to keep your oil warming throughout your entire Shirodhara treatment. The solid element prevents oil from leaking down into the electrical parts of the equipment, increasing safety and ease in cleaning. This model has a one year manufacturers warranty. Please fill out the warranty card upon arrival of the product.

Instructions using this oil heater:

Fill a two quart pot or pitcher with oil, about an inch from the top of the pot.  About 20 minutes before the treatment begins, set the pot with oil on the burner, and turn the heat on HiGH for no more than 2 minutes (the oil usually begins to give off a smell, that is when I turn it off, usually around a minute and a half.)  The element is now warm (and will stay warm) so the burner should be turned OFF until the treatment begins.  After 20 minutes, the therapist should then stir the oil check the temp with their finger.  It should feel like a comfortable bath.

When the therapist is ready to begin their treatment, the burner should be turned on again, halfway between OFF and WARM.  This will keep the oil at the correct temperature throughout.

It takes some practice, but it works well if you follow the directions to a T.

Return policy:  Not returnable for sanitation reasons.

Return policy: Not returnable for sanitation reasons.
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