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The Smarty Far Infrared Sauna Dome provides a whole body sauna experience while you lie comfortably.

SmartySTOCK NOTE: Unfortunately this Smarty sauna is no longer available in the United States due to distribution issues. For a comparable sauna please check out our Promolife Infrared Sauna Dome.

The Smarty far infrared sauna has a patented specialty: black carbon heaters. Made from charcoal, black carbon is organic and suitable for our carbon-based bodies. The heaters emit soothing far infrared at 5-20 microns, a frequency that is designed to match frequencies of the human body. The positive impact is therefore stronger than other types of saunas. The technology found in the Smarty has been effectively used for over 30 years in Japan and is proven effective.

The Smarty uses two domes that fit together easily over someone lying down. This allows for a comfortable, relaxing experience over your entire body.

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  • Proven benefits
  • Deep penetration
  • Effective detoxification
  • Little maintenance needed
  • Uses standard 120V power outlet
  • $2-3 monthly operating cost
  • Quick assembly, no tools needed
  • No ventilation or plumbing needed
  • Circulation of fresh air allowed
  • Portable, breaks down quickly

Why far infrared?

Far infrared is found in sunlight and is essential for all living things. It can't be seen by the eye but is able to penetrate deeply and is then converted into heat by our bodies. The thermal effect in our tissues can cause capillaries to dilate, which leads to improved circulation. Metabolic wastes and toxins are also eliminated by the sweating the heat will cause.

Because far infrared is natural and deep penetrating, you can achieve a therapeutic sweat with lower temperatures than traditional saunas, allowing you to spend more time inside.

Because heat weakens over distance, the dome setup keeps the beneficial far infrared close to you for better effect.

More about how the Smarty makes you sweat

Sweat is considered the body's cleanser, helping eliminate toxins. Toxins dissolve into fat tissue. With a traditional sauna, much of the sweat is water, and therefore these toxins are not readily eliminated. You need sweat to come out the sebaceous glands in order to expel toxins, which is what happens with the Smarty's far infrared heat. By sweating this way, you can eliminate toxins from the body in ways you can't with other types of saunas.

The Smarty, circulation and body position

With the Smarty sauna, you are lying prone so no pressure from the outside is put on your body. This makes the Smarty especially great for older people. At the periphery of the body's circulation system there are very tiny capillaries which can become compressed if you're in a normal bath or hot spring and you have high blood pressure or brain and respiratory problems. There's only air inside the Smarty, so you don't have to deal with that type of pressure. Strain on the heart is greatly reduced by lying down instead of sitting as well. So while you lie comfortably, you don't have to worry about pressure restricting capillaries.

An added benefit is that the far infrared can touch the bottoms of your feet, stimulating 48 pressure points found there. You can't get that when your feet are on the ground.

Part of the secret of the Smarty is the principle of warm body, cool head. Your head stays outside the sauna so you can breathe freely and spend more time enjoying the treatment. If your head is enclosed, oxygen decreases and the beneficial effects of the sauna go down. In order to benefit, you need a sufficient oxygen supply, which you can get with the Smarty's "head out" design.

The Smarty may:

  • Increase overall energy
  • Aid in weight loss
  • Decrease stress
  • Detoxify the body

More information

The Smarty reaches a temperature between 74 and 140 degrees F, depending on the settings you select. Tests show your core body temperature can rise to 103F with the Smarty. This varies by person and you should talk to your doctor about what temperatures are right for you.

There are five heaters, one at the waist, one at the shoulders, one at the hips, one at the legs and one at the feet. In summer, pre-warm the sauna for three minutes, or up to ten in the winter.

Typically, a good sweat and cleanse can be achieved in 30 minutes when used daily. This varies by person.


  • Length of large dome section: 35.5"
  • Length of smaller dome section: 35.5"
  • Total Length: 71"
  • Inside of large dome section: 24.75" W x 16" top to floor
  • Inside of smaller dome section: 20.5" W x 13.5" top to floor

Warranty information

The sauna is covered for two years from purchase for manufacturer defects. If it fails in that time it will be repaired. Make sure to keep your receipt. If there is a problem, contact Promolife and, if the problem is covered, you'll be given shipping instructions for the parts that need to be fixed. Claims do not include shipping costs. Things not covered: issues caused by improper storage, misuse, operator error, improper install, improper or rough handling and operation or any damage caused by the user trying to dismantle or repair the sauna. Not covered for damages from natural disasters.

The Smarty reaches a temperature between 74 and 140 degrees F, depending on the settings you select. Tests show your core body temperature can rise to 103F with the Smarty. This varies by person and you should talk to your doctor about what temperatures are right for you.
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