Sediment Prefilter and Housing for 20" Whole House Systems

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This sediment prefilter and housing is designed for use with a whole house fluoride removal system.

A sediment prefilter can improve the life of your water filter system by removing larger contaminates before they get to the main system. This is a 20 micron 20" filter and housing designed to be used as a first stage of a Whole House Water System.

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If  you have a high amount of sediment turbidity in your water (usually from old pipes or frequent water line breakage) we highly encourage you to install a sediment pre filter on your system to avoid your new filter system from clogging and being ineffective.  We offer a sediment pre filter in the available options above to eliminate any sediment or dirt debris that may clog your bone char filters. We strongly encourage you to purchase the pre filter if you have the above situation or purchase one locally.  Debris can clog the pores of these filters and may reduce the water pressure of your whole house Fluoride removal system. This may result in reduced effectiveness to remove fluoride.

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