Renovati Revive Ionic Foot Cleanse PRO

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The Renovati Revive Cleanse Pro Ionic Foot Bath has three modes for versatility and includes one array free.

Built to order in three to five days. The Revive Cleanse Pro Foot Bath has three modes. Mode A starts at 50% power for five minutes and then 100% for another 25 minutes. Mode B starts at 50% power for five minutes and then 80% power for another 20 minutes. Mode C runs at 50% power for 20 minutes. This allows you to be more versatile in your foot bath treatments.

The digital information screen tells you how much time is left and system status and all circuitry is engineered professionall with three built-in safety features.


  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Includes one array and a sample bottle of Sea-Onic solution.
  • Features three preset Mode buttons.
  • May also be manually controlled for customized sessions.
  • Excellent for multiple users at home, or commercial use.
  • Module power in water: 3 amps

Important Addons

The Revive Ultimate comes with an array and a four ounce bottle of Sea-Onic Solution. You can add on other accessories below. You can also click any image to see more information.

Extra Arrays

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Tub and 20 Liners

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Extra Liners are also available.

Sea-Onic Circulator

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Sea-Onic Solution

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A step up from the Basic model, for those who need more versatility.
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