Renovati Revive Ionic Foot Cleanse PRO Plus

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With the Renovati Revive PRO Plus Ionic Foot Bath, you can combine Aqua Sonic sound therapy with Rife frequencies to aid in detoxification.

The Renovati Revive PRO Plus Cleanse is professional grade and more powerful than any of the other Revive models.  It includes Rife Frequencies that are known to help aid in healing and balance your body. It also includes Aqua Sonic Therapy, which adds sound to your wellness routine.  For more information on Ionic Foot Cleanses or to compare models, view our Ionic Detox Foot Baths page.

How can Aqua Sonic and Rife Frequencies add to my ionic foot cleanse session?

When the body is not in balance, discord results and reflects imbalances at your energy field's quantum levels.  This can potentially cause illness or disease.  Synchronizing the body's energy field is important when you want to restore wellness and eliminate the chaos that can occur in the effected cells.

The frequencies involved in this therapy may assist in prompting a healthy oscillation of cells while helping rid your body of impurities.  The frequency range will strike a chord in your cells to harmonically restore them to a more balanced state.

You can add your own healing music which can stimulate your brain depending on the beat, increasing concentration and calmness and helping your brain shift speeds more efficiently.  It can help your heart rate and breathing, lower blood pressure, promote relaxation, reduce stress and ease tension.


  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • MP3 input and headphone jack.
  • Includes one array.
  • Features three Preset Mode buttons.
  • Combines Aqua Sonic sound therapy with detox in one easy-to-use unit.
  • May also be manually controlled for customized sessions.
  • 20% more power than our legacy units.
  • Recommended for Professional use.
  • Module power in water: 3.2 amps

Choose to add on the SeaOnic Circulator and improve your detox sessions.

Adds Aqua Sonic harmonics and Rife frequencies to expand foot bath options.
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