Renovati Revive Ionic Foot Cleanse Basic

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The Renovati Revive Cleanse Basic Ionic Foot Bath is a perfect home use foot bath with one mode and one array included free.

The Revive Cleanse Basic has one preset mode button - mode A starts at 50% power for five minutes, then 100% for 25 minutes.  It has three built in safety features, is very easy to use and the digital information screen keeps track of time left and system status.  For more information on what an ionic detox foot bath can do for you or to compare models, visit our Ionic Foot Baths page.


  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Includes one array.
  • Features one mode.
  • The System can also be manually controlled for customized sessions.
  • Excellent for home use.
  • Module power in water: 2.7 amps

Includes a sample bottle of Sea-Onic Solution. Foot tubs and replaceable liners are available.  An aluminum case, extra arrays and Sea-Onic Solution are also available.   Choose to add on the SeaOnic Circulator and improve your detox sessions.

Ideal for home use for those who want all the basics of ionic foot baths.
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  • Very helpful

    Posted by Beverly on Aug 20th 2015

    It is amazing how much the water changes. I feel like it has to be doing some good since there is so many different colors in the water plus foam. It does seem like my joints feel better after I use the foot bath. I have used it 6 times and I am still getting a lot of stuff in the water. I intend to keep taking the foot baths regularly until there is no longer a lot of change in the water, then I will cut back. The staff at Promolife were very nice and helpful.

  • Thanks

    Posted by Cathy on Aug 20th 2015

    We order it for a customer who seems pleased with the unit. It is the basic one and I feel that is really all the customer needs for personal use. Thanks for the great customer service Toby.