Radiant Heat Panel Heaters

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The Radiant Heat Panel is the perfect low energy heater for keeping smaller areas nice and warm.

This slim ceramic radiant heat panel is made to stand on its own or can be mounted under a desk. It is controlled by an on and off switch. It uses little energy and is a safe and economical way to offer heat to bank tellers, receptionists, secretaries, cashiers or anyone who sits at a counter, table or desk.

This heater also works well for keeping pets warm. We mounted it to a wall and always find our pets lying next to it. You can personalize the warmth by putting it where it is needed. It uses a ceramic material very similar to some far infrared heaters with no moving parts or fans.

Great Features

  • Only costs about two cents an hour to use depending on local electricity rates
  • Does not enhance allergies because it doesn't stir up dust or dry the air
  • No exposed glowing elements while surface temperature is around 150 degrees F
  • Comfortable, safe radiant heat; safe to touch with automatic tip-over switch
  • The unique crystalline surface allows for maximum output
  • L bracket lets the heater stand alone or it can be mounted


  • 170 Watts/120 volts
  • 1.5 amps
  • 15" x 22" x 1"
  • 7' power cord

L bracket lets the heater stand alone or it can be mounted, making it very versatile.
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