Qfiber Far Infrared Wrist Wrap

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The Qfiber Far Infrared Wrist Wrap targets far infrared therapy at your wrists and hands for pain relief and other potential benefits.

Qfiber wrist wraps have a patented high-tech therapeutic fabric that increases the scientifically-proven therapeutic benefits of far infrared. The wrist wrap is easily adjusted to fit snuggly where you need it the most. The multi-layered fabric contains therapeutic minerals that are absorbed by the body when heated, enhancing your relief from pain.

It can be used at your home or office, while driving or while working at the computer. Qfiber is ideal for athletes for soothing pain from injuries and warming tight muscles to increase motion and improve circulation.  

Far infrared heat emitted by the wrap can penetrate up to two inches deep into the body. Tight muscles will relax and blood flow will increase. You will find that the Qfiber works great for carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, stiff tendons and ligaments and any issue that traditionally responds to heat therapy.

An added benefit: Qfiber infrared heat products do not give off the electromagnetic frequencies that traditional heating pads do.


  • Used for wrist and ankles; fits up to 10.5” circumference.
  • Patented Qfiber multilayer fabric is fireproof, lightweight and form-fitting.
  • In addition to infrared benefits, heated Qfiber fabric emits all-natural therapeutic minerals into the body.
  • Fully adjustable contour wraps are comfortable and convenient, while staying secure and breathable for longer treatment sessions.
  • Comes with three temperature settings and auto shut off.
  • Medically proven benefits of infrared energy penetrate up to 2” into muscles and joints; traditional heat therapy only goes one tenth of an inch.
  • Detachable straps allow for full body coverage.
  • Included:  Wall plug, USB adaptor

Fits up to 10.5" wrist circumference. You might want to ask your insurance company if your plan would qualify for reimbursement for this product. We can not bill insurance companies.
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