PT-E Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System

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Today's ultraviolet disinfection systems are setting the standard for water disinfection requirements in the water treatment industry.

The Ultraviolet Disinfection System is an effective way to provide bacteria-free water for your home or industry 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  It's completely automatic, easy to install, compact, there are no chemicals required, low operating costs, low maintenance and no bad tastes or odors.

Made in the USA.

UV Disinfection Facts

  • UV is more effective against viruses than chlorine.
  • UV is environmentally and user friendly, with no dangerous chemicals to handle or store, no risks of overdosing.
  • UV is extremely economical, hundreds of gallons may be treated for each penny of operating cost.
  • UV treatment does not change the taste, odor, pH or conductivity or the general chemistry of the water.
  • UV systems are easy to install with only two water connections and a power cord.
  • UV systems are compatible with all other water treatment products:  reverse osmosis, water conditioning and softening.
  • UV systems are easy to maintain with periodic cleaning and annual lamp replacement.
  • UV systems operate with no moving parts to wear out, making them one of the most effective and durable water treatment systems on the market.


  • Max Flow GPM:  8
  • Lamps:  1
  • KW @ 120V:  0.03
  • AMP @ 120V:  0.25
  • Pipe Size:  3/4" MIP
  • Dimensions:  21"L x 5"W x 5"D
  • Wetted Material:  304 SS Tubing
  • Shipping Weight:  8.5 lbs
Compatible with multiple types of water purification systems, especially reverse osmosis.
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