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The Promolife Infrared Therapy Bed is the first full body bed of its kind to be FDA cleared, and can provide a wealth of skin and wellness benefits.

The Promolife Infrared Therapy Bed is made in the USA and comes standard with 6,144 LED lights: 3,840 Red 650nm LEDs and 2,304 Infrared 950nm LEDs. It's important to have two types of LEDs because each wavelength can penetrate the body at different depths. Red is ideal for mid level penetration of up to 3+ mm below the skin. Infrared can go 10+ mm below the skin. This is helpful to treat a wider array of conditions. If a bed only uses Red, it can't provide the same versatility.

The Benefits of Red LEDs

Red LEDs work from the inside out to enhance mitochondrial function in cells. They are ideal for sculpting of the body and making skin look amazing. This can lead to several benefits which include:

  • Reduced skin inflammation
  • Healthier looking skin
  • Repair damaged skin from scars, stretch marks and sun damage
  • Enhanced collagen production which can reduce wrinkles

The Benefits of Infrared LEDs

Infrared LEDs provide near infrared light. Near infrared penetrates deeper and is therefore useful for:

  • Wrinkles
  • Smoothing the skin
  • Boosting collagen
  • Stimulating healing
  • Relieving pain

The combination provides the right mix of beauty and sculpting benefits of Red with the pain relief and healing aspects of Infrared. Each LED is rated at 100,000 hours, so you know the bed is built to last. View our Infrared Therapy Bed Video (new window).

More Benefits of the Infrared Therapy Bed

  • Increase vascularity – Light therapy can help by increasing the formation of new capillaries in the body. This speeds up healing and allows the body to take in more oxygen and nutrients while flushing toxins.

  • Stimulate the production of collagen – Light Therapy has been shown to help increase collagen production in the body. Collagen is a needed protein that helps repair the body and also increases elasticity and helps eliminate scar tissue and wrinkles.

  • Stimulate the release of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) – Light therapy has been shown to help with ATP production. ATP is what provides the chemical energy to your cells. The more efficient your body's ATP production, the better you will feel and you'll have more energy.

  • Increase lymphatic system activity – Light therapy can help your lymphatic system. This is how your body detoxifies. Studies have shown that light therapy can double the vessel diameter which will increase the flow and detox pathways.

  • Increase RNA and DNA synthesis – Light therapy can help with cell turnover. This is ultimately how our body speeds up the healing of our skin.

  • Increase fibroblastic activity – Light therapy helps stimulate fibroblast production which is how our body produces laminin and fibronectin which plays an important role in how are body repairs itself.

  • Stimulate acetylcholine release – If the body produces too little or too much acetylcholine it can cause memory impairment. Light therapy can help balance the acetylcholine production in the body.

  • Red LEDs - May help with acne, bruises, collagen production, dry skin, hair loss, psoriasis, stretch marks, scars, rosacea, sun damage, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.

  • Infrared LEDs - May help with arthritis, back pain, fibromyalgia, sprains, tendonitis, non-healing wounds, bone breaks, post-surgical procedures, and torn ligaments.

Why LEDs are preferred for light therapy

LED lights are the best option for controlling the direction and wavelength of light for light therapy. With minimal heat they can deliver high output and intensity. They're efficient, the most efficient option for this kind of therapy.

Most light therapy beds on the market only use red fluorescent bulbs. You typically see these in tanning salons and gyms. Light therapy beds that utilize LED diodes provide a much higher intensity than red florescent bulbs. To compare, LED diodes are about 10 times brighter than the red fluorescent bulbs, making them the preferred choice for beauty spas and clinics.

LEDs provide a much more therapeutic value than the bulbs making them the preferred choice. Also, LED diodes do not contain mercury and last much longer.

The Infrared Therapy Bed and Your Business

LED light therapy is growing in popularity because of what it can do for beauty and pain. The beauty industry topped $265 billion in 2017 and will only go higher year after year. In addition, people are wanting healthier beauty options that don't involve drugs or other harmful chemicals. Light therapy is the perfect solution to the growing health beauty craze. By offering light therapy you are one step ahead of the competition.


  • Treatment area: 5,250 square inches
  • Total LEDs: 6,144
  • Brightest LEDs available
  • Works on 110 to 220V
  • Can be used with most electrical systems around the world
  • Dimensions: 80"L x 37"W x 32"H
  • Timer: 1-99 minutes with auto shut off
  • Weight: 220 pounds
  • Patented technology
  • User size limits: 300 pounds, 7 feet
  • Red LEDs: 3,840
  • Infrared LEDs: 2,304
  • FDA cleared for temporary relief of minor muscle and joint aches and pains, promoting relaxation of muscle tissue and temporary increase of local blood circulation.
  • Your insurance may cover part of this device. You may want to check with your health practitioner and insurance company to see if you qualify.
  • Allow four to six weeks before unit is shipped.


Return Policy: Not returnable for sanitation reasons.

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