PreciseRx Pediatric Flowmeter for regulating oxygen concentrators


Turn any oxygen concentrator into a low flow unit for use with ozone therapy with the PreciseRx Pediatric Flowmeter.

Ozone therapy requires a low flow of oxygen.  Oxygen concentrators built for oxygen bar or beauty applications often have higher oxygen flows than you need.  Now you can still use your concentrator for high flow purposes and regulate the flow to levels needed for ozone.  See additional images above for examples of how to use the Flowmeter.

The PreciseRx Pediatric Flowmeter regulates an oxygen concentrator's air flow precisely to levels from 1/16 to 3/4 liters per minute.  It is compatible with humidifier bottles or without and is easy to install without tools.  You can adjust range in 1/16 LPM increments and avoid making permanent modifications to your concentrator.  The flowmeter prevents back pressure into the O2 concentrator and it comes with a one year warranty. This flowmeter cannot to be used with high pressure oxygen concentrators.

What sets this flowmeter apart is that once the tubing is connected there is no need to ever disconnect it. With a pre-installed 3-way directional valve you can divert the oxygen away from the flow meter while the oxygen concentrator primes, or when you want to use your concentrator for high flow applications. When you're ready to use it for ozone therapy, simply set your concentrator to 2 LPM, turn the diverter valve, and your flowmeter will be in use.

Additional tubing is included that allows you an easy hook up to most ozone generators and oxygen concentrators.

Specifications and features

  • Adjust flow in 1/16 LPM increments
  • Humidifier bottle and tubing included
  • Prevents back pressure
  • No tools needed for installation
  • One year warranty
  • HMESA CODE: 30-10-04-02
  • Not compatible with high pressure oxygen concentrators

Return policy:  Not returnable for sanitary reasons.

This flowmeter cannot to be used with high pressure oxygen concentrators.
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