Portable Ozone/Infrared Sauna Package

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The Ozone/Far Infrared Sauna Package allows you to add ozone to a portable infrared sauna for the best of both therapies.

Are you looking to combine infrared and ozone but need a portable sauna option? Teaming the O3Elite Dual Ozone Generator with the Therasage Thera360 Sauna is the perfect solution.

With this package you can enjoy a full spectrum infrared sauna by itself, use a variety of ozone applications, or put them together for the ultimate experience.

The O3Elite Dual was created after years of working with ozone generators from other manufacturers. We wanted a unit that was easy to use, provided ultra high quality ozone, with a number of important features, and superior quality control. The O3Elite exceeded even our high expectations. The Dual creates stable ozone up to 110ug/ml (gamma). For more information on this unit, visit our O3Elite Dual page.  

The Thera360 Infrared Sauna features a proprietary combination of full spectrum natural health infrared heating panels for deep, penetrating heat, and Tourmaline stones for the production of negative ions. This combination bathes you from every direction in full spectrum near and far infrared and negative ions, without unwanted exposure to EMF. Advanced Earthing Technology also improves the experience by using the natural charge of the Earth to balance the body's delicate polarity and increase cellular communication.

The Thera360's method of shielding against EMF lets you take in maximum benefits for healing without worry. It is energy efficient and can be folded for storage under a bed or in a closet when not in use. It's the only portable sauna that provides both near and far infrared with earthing, negative ions, and no EMF. For more information about the sauna, visit our Thera360 Infrared Sauna page.

Choose an oxygen source

High purity oxygen is required to create ozone. Below you can add on what you need. If you have a prescription for an oxygen tank, choose the 870 Tank Regulator. If you have a local source for industrial oxygen, choose the 540 Tank Regulator. This is the most affordable way to get oxygen.

International customers will need a regulator that matches your local tanks. Check out our International Regulators page for more.

If you don't have a prescription or a local source, you can choose prefilled tanks or consider an oxygen concentrator. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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There is currently an estimated two week lead time on this product.

What else do I need?

In order to create ozone, you need a high purity, low flow oxygen source. For some of your options, visit our Oxygen page. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

Return Policy: 30 day return policy with a 15% restock fee. Must be in sellable condition (click here for info). Special order modifications of the O3Elite are not refundable or returnable.

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