PIONAIR Smart Pointe Air Purifiers

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The PIONAIR Smart Pointe uses actively-generated negative ions to clean the air.

Air FlowPIONAIR Smart Pointe Air Purifiers solve a major problem found in other air filters.  With many purifiers air has to be drawn into the unit through air flow or with a fan, which leaves an uneven treatment and potentially pockets of polluted air.  Fans are noisy, can fail and need more electricity.

The Smart Pointe doesn't wait for contaminates to contact a plate or filter.  It creates air purifying technology that moves throughout the area and neutralizes molds, microbes and odors at the source.  Using this method, the PIONAIR creates fresh air in your office or home evenly, without filters, fans or plates.

The Smart Pointe air purifier is the same as the original PIONAIR but with the addition of negative ions.  Actively generated negative ions can help clear your air of particles faster than other PIONAIR units.  This makes the Smart Pointe effective against dust, pollen, dander, smoke, chemical vapors, mold, odors and mildew.

Because a lot of allergic reaction are caused by airborne particles, this unit is perfect for allergy sufferers.  It is also ideal for anyone struggling with large concentrations of pet dander, dust, smoke or pollen.

How does the PIONAIR Smart Pointe work?

This system uses photocatalysis, which oxidizes germs, odors and fungi in average offices and rooms.  Similar actions occur in nature with UV light, the sun and ozone.  Negative ions are created in nature from UV and lightning.  By creating safe levels of ozone, ultraviolet light and passive negative ions, this unit becomes more than an air filter.  It's a true purifier using nature's methods for cleaning the air. 

What are negative ions?

Positive and negative ions are created by nature.  Nature maintains a natural balance.  Indoors, this balance is thrown off due to an overabundance of positive ions and a lack of negative ones.  This disruption is often caused by building materials.  Negative ions give up their charge to contaminates like pollen, dust, smoke, formaldehyde and bacteria, which then attract positive particles until they become too heavy to stay in the air we breathe. 


  • Less than 0.04 ppm of ozone output
  • 8 microwatt per sq/cm UV output
  • Produces 48000 negative ions per second
  • On/off control
  • Three pounds
  • 4" x 11" x 5"
  • Made of ABS materials
  • 120 V, 60 Hz, 25 watts, less than 1 amp
  • Made in the USA with UL listed parts
  • Three year warranty

Return policy:  $25 cleaning fee will be charged if returned within 30 days of purchase if unit is in salable condition.

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