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The Photon Genie is a frequency generator designed to bring about a harmonic state of energy and vibrational frequencies.

The Photon Genie was created by the Ed Skilling Institute of Technology and is meant to devitalize pathogens, detoxify the body, break up blockages, balance the lymph system and fluids in the body and establish harmonic energy states. It exceeds previous frequency machines dramatically with its comprehensive processing and delivery of life energy to the cells and systems in your body. It's the most advanced and effective vibrational energy machine you can find.

What can the Photon Genie do?

The Photon Genie has been shown to:

  • Reduce pain
  • Ozonate and oxygenate the body
  • Open, move and balance fluids through every channel for easier transport of vital energy, nutrients and intelligence
  • Reduce barrier tissues and blockages by repolarizing molecules and cells and dissolving clots, lumps, mineral deposits and more
  • Devitalize pathogens like yeast, mold, bacteria, fungus, parasites, viruses and more to arrest infections
  • Move fluids to detoxify the body
  • Reestablish the energy state and normal frequency of cells
  • Neutralize stagnant energy states and negative thought forms
  • Improve energy and create a sense of clarity, relaxation and well being
  • Recharge life energy and enable states of higher consciousness
  • Maintain consistent athletic peak performance; no interruption from strains, injuries and muscle stress
  • Used in veterinary offices for rapid, dramatic, reliable results with pets
  • Used cosmetically for skin and facial toning, and for accelerating cellulite and fat removal when used with a body wrap
  • A universal tool for a full natural health program and complete photobiotic nutrition
  • Note: We claim no cures.  This product will only help reestablish balance and is for experimental purposes only.

How does the Photon Genie work?

For over 100 years, devices have used frequencies for assisting in the treatment of serious diseases and illnesses. The body is essentially electric, so various electric impulses inside can help enable body functions needed for regeneration, health maintenance and healing. By programming cells with harmonic impulses we can direct and trigger healing impulses.

It uses noble or inert gases in a glass tube filled with argon and neon and evacuated of air. A high voltage used at a low current ionizes these gases to a plasma state. The voltage then safely impinges on the skin of the user.

It offers full spectrums of bioavailable harmonics and mega frequency transmissions that are in harmony with your body. Studies with live blood cells and dark field microscopy have shown a marked improvement in some health parameters happened in most cases after using the Photon Genie consistently over weeks and months, with further improvements with continued use.

How was the Photon Genie created?

The Genie was created after decades of research, innovating on the concepts of Tesla, Rife, Lakhovsky and Abrams to perfect a proprietary process of full spectrum frequencies and infinite harmonics with Skilling Advanced Electronics. It comes ready to use.


  • Contained in plastic enclosure 10" x 7.5" x 3.5"
  • 115 volts/50 Hz
  • Power cord is 6'2" long
  • Rectifier and transformer converts power to 12 volts
  • Comes with RF signal probe and two glass photon tubes. The tubes have cords attached to banana plugs. The signal probe has a six foot cord with a five pin din plug.
  • Full one year factory warranty.
  • Allow up to two weeks before shipping.
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Return policy: Not returnable for sanitation reasons.

Return policy: Not returnable for sanitation reasons.
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