Pet Heat Radiant Heater Panels

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Pet Heat Panel Heaters are more efficient, safer and longer lasting; a healthy heating option for your pets.

Pet HeaterPet Heat radiant heat panels are better than any similar heating source.  They replicate the radiant warmth of the sun without needing vents or ducts.  They are designed to work in high humidity enclosures.  They don't dry out cages, allowing for higher humidity with less condensation, providing a better place for your animals.  They have been approved by CE and UL and have been AS rated so you know you're getting a truly safe, superior heater.  

Pet Heat Panel Heaters have the added physiological benefits of improving an animal's circulation and reducing stress, aiding digestion and increasing overall health.  At only one inch thick, they are unobtrusive and evenly distribute heat with no hot spots.

The safest heaters available

Pet Heat heaters can't cause fires and UL, CE and ULC listed as finished products.  They are made entirely of materials that are not combustible, so they won't injure or damage anything in the cage.  They can be mounted safely to any surface and use all aluminum construction with materials that are non-toxic.  No out-gassing or cracks like other panels can have.  They are safe to the touch so you don't have to worry about scarring or burning your animals.

An added benefit is the Bioshield anti-microbial treatment each panel is given.  This eliminated mold, bacteria, fungi, algae, mildew and yeasts that can hide on other heaters' surfaces.

Compared to other types of heaters, Pet Heat heaters are up to 80% more efficient and cost pennies a day to use.  They have the highest output density of any brand so you get a smaller unit that creates a better basking area across the enclosure.  

Long lasting panel heaters

These heaters are covered by a lifetime warranty on the housings and a ten year warranty on the heating elements.  They're made in the USA and have a life expectancy of fifty or more years, which is backed by university studies and a 30+ year track record for customer satisfaction.

They are used by more professionals, zoos, theme parks, hobbyists, and other buildings than any other panel heater brand.  Reptiles Magazine have them the Editor's Choice Award for best heat source.  They are the right panels for you and your animals.

Choosing the right size

Many factors determine what size you'll need, including the cage size, what the cage is made of, how many vents the cage has and where they are, the type of animal, the low and ambient temperatures in the room and if the room has a concrete floor.  You can contact us with that information and we can help you find the exact size you need or, if you already know, you can order above.  Please contact us at 1-888-742-3404 or email us the answers if you want exactly the right size from more than 200 options.

Email or call with this information:

  • Cage size
  • What the cage is made from
  • How many vents are there and where are they
  • Type of animal?
  • Low and ambient temperatures in the room
  • Is the room in a basement or on a concrete floor

Note: Please allow up to 2 to 3 weeks before shipping.

Return Policy: Pet Heaters are custom made and are not returnable.

We can help you find the exact size and type of heater you need for your specific situation. See the description tab for questions we can ask to help you get the most out of your purchase.
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  • Very satisfied

    Posted by Noreen R on Aug 12th 2015

    Use to keep my birds warm at night in their sleep cages. Absolutely, fantastic product. Emits no gases or ordors which are fatal to pet birds. Previously I bought a different brand made just for pet birds. Product was horrible. It came apart and emitted a strong odor because the manufacturer used glue. Could have killed my birds. I only buy these heat panels now. Very satisfied customer.

  • Perfect

    Posted by Noreen on Aug 12th 2015

    Perfect for my sleep cages for my pet parrots! Best pet heat panel I purchased yet and I've purchased other brands.