Palm Bell Hand Weights

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Palm Bell Hand Weights are the new standard for easy-grip hand weights.

If you want weight training benefits without metal dumbells, the Palm Bell hand weights were made for you.  A perfect addition to any routine, including Resistance Chair workouts.

The Velcro safety strap fastener and round shape keeps the weight in your hand, even if you have gripping problems.  This makes them easy to hold and safe to use.  The inflatable air chamber lets you adjust the shape to perfectly fit your hand. 



  • Adjustable, get the right fit
  • Made of flexible and soft materials
  • Weight is kept on your hand with straps
  • Great for those who can't grip traditional weights

Return policy:  10%-25% restock fee applies if returned within 30 days.

Ideal for those who wants to use weight training but can't grip traditional weights.
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