Pain-X Model 1600 Infrared and LED Therapy Device

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The Pain-X 1600 is cleared by the FDA for temporary minor muscle and joint pain relief and for increasing relaxation of muscles and local circulation.

The Pain-X Model 1600 has 15 powerful LED diodes (3-Green, 1 Yellow, 3 Reds, 5 infrared and 3 Blue).  It comes with a carrying case and has a treatment area of 1.22 square inches.  This unit has universal voltage and can be used around the world.

Infrared and red light is absorbed by your tissues, skin, muscles and bones and works at a cellular level.  This kind of light therapy is cleared by the FDA and is being used by doctors, dentists, chiropractors and physical therapy clincs around the world.  It has a success rate of over 90% with no known side effects.  Pregnant patients or people with active cancer should avoid this therapy.

All Pain X units are made in the USA.


  • 15 Powerful Diode Unit
  • mW power output: 160.5mW - 1 Joule = 3.0 seconds
  • Treatment Area: 1.22 Sq. In
  • Includes carrying case
  • Patented Technology
  • Made in the USA
  • Smooth glide Lexan covers the LED's - easily washable and comfortable to use
  • Universal AC voltage

Return policy:  10% restock fee if the item is sent back within 10 days of receipt. There are no returns after ten days.

Return policy: 10% restock fee if the item is sent back within 10 days of receipt. There are no returns after ten days.
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  • Amazing

    Posted by Patty on Aug 24th 2015

    You wanted to know what I thought of the PX1600 Light Wand. 1.) Firstly, it works on healing wounds REMARKABLY, just as it states. I do not know HOW it speeds up the healing process, but it is amazing! 2.) As you know, I am in rebound Migraine Pain (living on pain pills). I first bought just the infrared heat wand which feels WONDERFUL to relax my TMJ pain. 3.) Upon trying this new device, (the Light Wand), it states to hold it on a pain spot for 6 to 10 minutes. That is not the case for me. I will hold it, say, on my TMJ area. Then, I feel the pain in the center of my forehead after a couple of minutes, so I move it there, then it goes to the back of my neck, so I move it there. I am just moving this device everywhere. 4.) But………now here is the thing: Although it does not get RID of my pain, it is finally making it less intolerable. I am truly amazed at that part of the function of these lights. And it is sooooooo lightweight. 5.) I love it. I use both the Heat wand and the Light wand, depending how I am feeling.