Intranasal Light Therapy

Intranasal light therapy may help your body overcome a variety of health conditions.

Simply clip it to your nose and turn it on.  Healing light energy is directed to your mind and body through your nose.  This safely excites molecules in your cells to help restore homeostasis, also known as your natural balanced state.  In TCM this is the balance of energy forces.  When homeostasis activities are impeded, a variety of health problems can arise.  Using light therapy in this way is one method to help overcome health problems in an extremely simple way, without side effects.

  • Vielight Neuro Gamma

    Vielight Neuro Gamma

    The Vielight Neuro Gamma is designed for easy use of brain photobiomodulation using a combination of transcranial and intranasal near infrared. The Gamma is a total upgrade of the original Vielight...
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  • Vielight Neuro Alpha

    Vielight Neuro Alpha

    The Vielight Neuro Alpha is designed for comprehensive photobiomodulation of the brain. The Vielight Neuro Alpha is a transcranial-intranasal NIR (near infrared) headset, a complete upgrade from the...
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  • Vielight Intranasal Applicators

    Vielight Intranasal Applicators

    Extra applicators allow you to share your Vielight unit with others. If you already have a Vielight 810, 633, 655 or Neuro Alpha and wish to share it with a family member, all you need is another applicator. Additional applicators allow others to use...
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