Ozone Steam Sauna Pro Spa Package

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The Ozone Steam Sauna Spa Package includes everything you need to add steam and ozone therapies to your business.

There is a six to eight week lead time on the sauna.

The Ozone Steam Sauna Spa Package includes everything you need to add steam and ozone therapies to your business.

This package includes our highly rated Steam Sauna Pro steam cabinet, O3Arc Standard Ozone Generator, Everflo Oxygen Concentrator, Low Flow Oxygen Meter, and the O3Alert Ozone Monitoring System.

Why this package is right for you: There are many advantages to this combination. Depending on the needs of your clients, you can offer steam saunas and ozone individually, or combine them for the ultimate therapy. With the O3Alert, you can monitor ozone levels in the room to keep your business within OSHA's guidelines.  

The O3Arc Standard Ozone Generator

The O3Arc is the latest in ozone generator technology. The ozone cell has double the surface area of traditional tube cells, with digital preset power settings and a built in timer. It is built to provide ultra precise and ultra stable ozone outputs. With this unit, you can easily select the right amount for your needs. The timer makes it possible to run the unit for a set amount of time, after which it will automatically shut off. This is ideal if you want the ozone to stop several minutes before the sauna session ends, to lessen the amount of ozone that escapes when the door opens. Find out more.

The Steam Sauna Pro

The Steam Sauna Pro is built to last, with a single door that avoids the sagging issues of double doors. It is fully ozone-compatible, with an adjustable seat, floor drain, even steam distribution, and a digital controller. It is made in the USA and can last for many years. Find out more.

O3Alert Ozone Monitor

The O3Alert is designed to track the levels of ozone in a room. The light will change based on how much ozone is picked up, so you'll always know you are falling within the limits set by OSHA. This also serves as a great way to show a customer that you are monitoring the ozone in the air. Find out more.

New Everflo Oxygen Concentrator and Low Flow Meter

This combination allows you to get the low flows of oxygen needed for ozone therapy, but you can also access flows up to 5 LPM if needed. With this package you can offer ozone therapy and higher flow oxygen spa applications.

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Shipping Note: This package must be shipped via Freight. Free shipping does not apply. It may not be available to some countries outside of North America. International customers can contact us for specifics and price quotes for your area.


See individual product pages for warranty information.

Return Policies

Must be in sellable condition.

O3Arc Return Policy: 30 day return policy with a 15% restock fee.

Steam Sauna Pro: 30 days with a 15% restock fee. Customer must pay for the return shipping.

O3Alert: 30 days with 15% restock fee.

Low Flow Meter: 15% return fee if returned opened or used.

Everflo: Standard Promolife return policy.

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