O3Elite Single Professional with Oxygen Tank and Regulator

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The O3Elite Single Professional Ozone Generator features ceramic ozone cells, universal voltage, wall mounts, an oxygen tank and a regulator. Made in the USA.

The O3Elite Professional comes with everything the O3Elite has, plus a super sturdy padded case, oxygen tank and a low flow regulator.  The foam padding in the case can be removed in small portions to create custom spaces to store glassware, tubing or anything else you want to keep safe.   You can also get the O3Elite Dual or O3Elite Single without the case, tank and regulator.

The O3Elite Ozone Generator is CE approved, made in the USA and is an ideal source for creating ozone with an oxygen feed for use with ozone therapy.  Potential uses of ozone therapy include drinking ozonated water, insufflations, in combination with steam or far infrared and more.  

Your Choice of Ozone Generator

This version comes with the O3Elite Single, which has one ceramic ozone cell capable of producing ozone up to 70ug/ml. You can also consider the O3Elite Dual, which has two ceramic ozone cells capable of producing ozone up to 110 ug/ml.

What the O3Elite Single Ozone Generator comes with:

  • Five feet of silicone tubing with Luer lock adapter
  • Five feet of oxygen tubing with Luer lock adapter
  • Instruction Manual
  • Ug/ml Gamma Chart
  • Power Adapter
  • Ozone Resistant Check Valve
  • Luer Lock caps
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • O3Elite Dual Gamma Chart | O3Elite Single Gamma Chart

Dimensions:  21" x 17" x 8"  -   20 lbs

Return Policy:  30 day return policy with a 15% restock fee. Must be in sellable condition (click here for info). Special order modifications of the O3Elite are not refundable or returnable.

Produce ultra-pure ozone up to 70 ug/ml. Comes with crush-resistant, waterproof case and your choice of oxygen tank and regulator. This is an ideal package for anyone who uses ozone in multiple locations or travels with the equipment. Note: Verify airline rules before trying to fly with an oxygen tank.
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