Ozone Spa Packages

One-On-One Tech Support

When you choose Promolife for your ozone therapy equipment, you get free one-on-one tech support with our trained experts via phone or video, as well as instructional guides, videos and more.

If you run a spa or a similar business, adding a sauna and ozone can provide important additional services for your clients.

Saunas and ozone can provide a boost to your revenue stream by offering therapies that are in demand in many places. Saunas can relieve stress, relax muscles, flush toxins, improve the skin, improve cardiovascular performance, burn calories, and more. They can help people relax before (or after) a massage session, enhancing the effects of the massage. 
How can it benefit your business? Let's look solely at saunas as a starting point. If you offer 30-45 minute sauna sessions at the average of $60 per session, if only two people use the sauna per day for a five day work week, that's $600 per week. Five sessions a day would bring in an extra $1500 per week. The sauna could pay itself off in a short amount of time. If you add ozone, either as part of a sauna session or separately, you have more potential revenue streams for your future.
Promolife offers top warranties and support. If you have questions about what may work best for you, we can help, and our instruction guides and videos can guide you through the setup and use of your new products. Let us help you get started.