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The Needak Rebounder is a mini trampoline exercise system that can improve your health and stimulate the lymph system, with options for almost every user.

Rebounding an an excellent and effective way to stimulate your lymphatic system, which can lead to vast health improvements with daily use. Rebounding can reduce body fat and firm your thighs, legs, abdomen, hips and arms, increase your agility, strengthen muscles, rejuvenate your body, improve your balance and provide your heart an aerobic effect.

Rebounding can be done anywhere; with a folding Needak rebounder you can even take it with you to use in a hotel room. It's convenient and effective.

Note: These are authentic Needak rebounders, not counterfeit models you might find on Ebay or Amazon.

What makes the perfect rebounder?

Not all rebounders are created equal. The first and most important thing is the mat material. You want no stretch during downward landings but you want a resilient rebound. For this you need a mat made from Permatron, which is resistant to UV rays, allows for no moisture absorption, and doesn't break down like other fabrics. The mat needs to be sewn together with 5760 stitches made of high grade nylon thread and two layers of polypropylene webbing. This is the quality found in a Needak trampoline mat.

Next you want an oversize spring mechanism to be attached to an all steel heavy grade frame. These 36 quality wire springs are four inches long and deliver a soft bounce. The individual mounting pins prevent wear on the frame and tapered coils give the springs extended wearability.

A lot of imported trampolines mimic the Needak but none feature the same high quality craftsmanship and materials. Many are deficient in quality. Look for the Needak logo and get a system you can rely on.

More reasons to choose Needak rebounders

The Needak hinge is virtually indestructible and has been heavily tested over time. Because it is welded securely to the frame, it makes the Needak the most stable, safest rebounder you will find.

The legs are spring loaded for simple storage and the folding frame makes it truly portable. Want to cover the springs? The spring cover is an optional add-on made of nylon oxford cloth. It is rip resistant and water, oil and sunlight resistant. (See Accessories below)

Most important to a lot of customers is the warranty. The Needak warranty is the best available today because the company proudly stands behind the product.

Models available

Choose from soft or hard bounce, folding or non-folding. Available in black or blue. Soft bounce rebounders are ideal for people up to 300 pounds and absorb 85% of impact. Hard bounce rebounders can be used by those who weigh up to 600 pounds and are ideal for pro athletes.

Why rebounding?

Rebounding is an excellent whole body workout that doesn't take a lot of time or space. You can jump lightly like a walk or engage in a high energy aerobic workout. Or expand and practice a variety of routines, like: jogging, sprinting, jumping jack jumps, knee raise jumps, ski jumps, side twists, alternating feet jumps, scissor jumps, high jumps, abdominal crunches, step-ups, seated bounce, bicycle crunches and more. That's a lot of options for such a small space.

The legs of the non folding models can still be folded up for flat storage. The folding models not only have folding legs but also fold in half for those who wish to travel with the rebounder or have tight storage space options.

Optional Accessories

Spring Cover - Black

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Spring Cover - Blue

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Stabilizer Bar

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Carry Case

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Included with the rebounder:

  • Free DVD - Bounce Before You Jump 
  • Free DVD - Immune System by Albert Carter.  Demonstrates the rebounder and talks about the functions of the immune system.
  • Rebounding article
  • Spring lubricant


  • Color: Black or Blue
  • Mat: Permatron Soft Bounce or Hard Bounce
  • Frame: 40 inches in diameter
  • Height: 10 inches
  • Maximum load capacity: 300 lbs for soft bounce, 600 lbs for hard bounce
  • Legs: 6 Folding Legs
  • Made in USA

Stellar Warranties

Residential Use: Limited lifetime warranty that covers the frame, frame hinges, leg tubes and platform pins for a lifetime. Spring pins, mat cleats, and the mat have a five year warranty. Leg tips, springs and leg springs have a two year warranty.

Commercial Use: Five year warranty on hinges and frames, two year warranty on the mat, and one year warranty on everything else.

NOTE: Spring cover not included. Available as an add-on option.


Well Built. Exactly as advertised. My wife (83), and I (77) use it almost every day. We’ve noticed improvements quickly, in balance, muscle tone, and stamina. We highly recommend! And, Promolife is the best! Easy to work with, good quality product, fair prices, and outstanding customer service!   - George

Return policy:  10%-25% restock fee applies if returned within 30 days.

Choose from soft or hard bounce, folding with or without a stabilizing bar or non-folding with or without a stabilizing bar. Available in black or platinum blue. NOTE: Spring cover not included. Available as an add-on option.
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