Mid and Low OHM Tuning Forks by Ohm Therapeutics

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Enjoy the healing tones of the mid or low ohm, or combine them.

The 136.1 hz Mid Ohm Tuning Fork being middle range is widely considered the classic Ohm frequency. The two Mid-Ohm Tuning Forks can be used together to produce a wonderful Ohm resonance, and to double the healing power when placed on the body.

The 68.05 Low Ohm Tuning Fork has an earth and deep reverberation quality with wonderful overtones when activated, and is a great choice for body work, especially with the lower body, as it is particularly grounding. Use alone or with the Mid-Ohm Tuning Fork to create an Ohm Octave, a beautiful healing music interval.

Optional Activators

Activators allow you to achieve optimal sustain for your tuning forks. The Tuning Fork Activator sits on any surface and provides a perfect strike, while the Practitioner Activator straps to the leg and allows you to strike a tuning fork while moving freely around your client.

Use alone or in tandem for more versatility.
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