Lymplex Lymph System Detoxification Capsules

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Lymplex capsules are made of wildcrafted and organic herbs to help cleanse the lymph system and strengthen the lymph nodes.

Lymplex contains ten organic and wildcrafted herbs in capsules that are all vegetarian.  They are designed to flush and cleanse the fluid in the lymphatic system and tighten and strengthen the lymph nodes.  The lymph system is responsible for proper immune function and the detoxification and drainage of blood and interstitial fluids.  Taking care of it is important.  Lymplex can support the body naturally.

What's in Lymplex?

A blend of wildcrafted or organic cleavers, ginger, echinacea purpura, echinacea augustifolia, calendula, astragalus, red root, mullein, lobelia, silicon dioxide and burdock.  All ingredients and the capsules themselves are vegetarian. 

Why care for the lymph system?

The cells in our bodies create waste products every day that need to be removed.  The lymphatic system is like a stream that bathes the cells and removes these wastes to keep the cells healthy and clean.  The healthier they are, the better job they do. 

Another job of the system is to recognize infections and destroy them.  Lymphocytes, which are white blood cells of the lymph system, are like a police force on constant patrol.  They go after viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites.  When the lymphatic system is having problems, our bodies don't fight infections like they should.

Some signs of distress

If you're a desk worker, that's another eight hours a day of inactivity.  When you add in time spent watching television, commuting and home computer time, many spend a majority of their day sitting.  Without physical activity, lymph flow can decrease by 94%. 

Another signal (there can be many) comes from your throat.  Bacteria that grows on teeth are transferred down our throats every time we swallow.  The tonsils, which are part of the lymph system, come to our defense, so if you have a chronically sore throat, that can be a signal that your lymph system needs some help.

Contains 90 capsules.

Contains 90 capsules.
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