Lymphstar Pro Lymphatic Enhancement Device

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Lymphstar Lymph Accelerators can help treat a sluggish lymphatic system.

Join thousands who have discovered the therapeutic benefits of the Lymphstar Pro, designed to enhance health and detoxification by improving the circulation of the lymphatic system. The Lymphstar Pro has been shown to augment many massage techniques for improving lymph drainage, and is excellent for breast health, edema, post-op, relaxation, esthetics, pain, edema, and more. If you are unfamiliar with the power of subtle vibrational energy and how it can positively impact your health, you are missing a chance to experience one of the most exciting therapies in massage and integrated health industries.

Designed and fully manufactured in the United States, Arcturus is proud of its two decade reputation for integrity, excellence, and customer service. You can be confident choosing the Lymphstar Pro by Arcturus. The system comes with two LET applicator heads, two instructional DVDs, a soft carrying bag, and user's manual.

About the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is a network of ducts, vessels and nodes that push fluid between tissues and cells and creates and distributes the cells that fight infections. Just like the circulatory system, the lymph feeds the blood and is necessary for immune and repair functions, for cleansing tissues and for detoxifying the body. Because of this, and because the lymph system doesn't have a pump like the circulatory system does, maintaining an optimal flow is paramount.

If you have a sluggish lymphatic system you can suffer from fluid buildup (edema) or impaired function. Blockages form that causes backups in the fluid, making it harder to release toxins. As a result the immune system might not work at its best. Weight gain, premature aging, breakouts, dry skin, spider veins and cellulite can also result.

Poor diets, inactivity, infections, surgery, injuries, stress, toxins, hormone imbalances and aging can all attribute to a sluggish lymph.

How can the Lymphstar treat lymphatic problems?

Over a decade ago a manual lymph drainage technique was invented (it is an approved therapy in the US for lymphedema), consisting of delicate and specific massage techniques that helped the lymph run better. This was tedious however so researchers worked to build a tool that would assist and amplify lymphatic drainage - the result is the Lymphstar.

Lymphatic therapists who have used the Lymphstar Pro noted it can be eight times faster relieving congestion and edema. It is available now to professionals and home users, and is used in spas to increase relaxation, detoxification and for facial work.

How does it work?

The Lymphstar uses physical vibration with acoustic waves, an electrostatic field and electro-pressure that is low in energy and safe. The pulsating sounds deliver vibrations and offer a pulsing, gentle massage. It replicates the motions used in manual lymph drainage but have a rapid sequence you can't do by hand. The pulses can be tuned to vary in intensity for varying applications.

Vibrational energy is then transmitted through the mild electrostatic field that allows for dilation of vessels via sympathetic nerves in order to create a current flow.

The pulse rate controller and multiple treatment points allow you to create a field effect over the area between the two heads. The response elicits a wider stimulation of lymphatic flow. It can be used by itself or in conjunction with manual massage.

What you could feel

You will first notice a relaxed state of being, which is followed later by a feeling of energy. The movement of toxins to elimination points may cause some symptoms that soon subside, with positive effects being felt over a number of sessions. The Lymphstar is typically used two to four times a week for 15 minutes to an hour.

Features of the Lymphstar Pro

  • Made and designed by Arcturus Star, a company known for innovation and integrity.
  • Made to be biologically compatible.  The circuit maximizes lymph response using thousands of acoustic pulses and bursts. This also minimizes adaptation. Biological systems are far less likely to become resistant or accommodating to the variable wave pattern.
  • The intensity dial allows for adjustments for low to high energy strength.
  • Disinfection around the bulb is possible thanks to the new therapy head.
  • Therapy head can be used with or without a protective sleeve and is easy to sanitize.
  • The digital controller features pulse rate variability. This offers a wider range of frequency rates so you can fine-tune the sessions to each problem or person. Only the Lymphstar Pro has this.
  • Cases are made from high density polyethylene by a premier maker, Pelican Cases. These have high quality components and are known for their high durability.
  • The Lymphstar unit has a two year warranty on labor and parts exclusive of accidents or damage by the owner. The heads have a one year warranty.
  • Long lasting components, professional loaners and excellent repair services.
  • Made completely in the United States.
  • Professional training is offered across the country, as well as instructional videos. Contact us about training professionals and seminars.
  • International voltage available; adjust automatically to any current and voltage.

Optional Addons

  • LET Tri-Bulb Set: If you want the Tri-Bulb and the LET Therapy Heads, you can purchase a set of the Tri-Bulbs
  • Extra LET Therapy Head with Bulb
  • Replacement LET Bulb

Some of the benefits of lymphatic decongestive therapy

  • Improved lymphatic flow and accelerated detoxification
  • May improve fibrotic conditions, edema, swollen nodes, injuries and burns. Users have reported benefits including relief from inflammation, breast lumps, lymphedema, chronic pain, allergies, headaches, female conditions, hormone imbalances, digestive problems, fibromyalgia, toxicity and fatigue syndromes.
  • Sports medicine for injuries and rehabilitation - increases the performance of low level laser and LED light therapies.
  • Stress relief, relaxation and emotional balance.
  • Cosmetic benefits, healthier skin, cellulite reduction, reduced scarring.
  • Can help make diet programs more effective.
  • Veterinary services, especially post performance strain in horses, have been helped.

Return information: Non-returnable item for hygienic reasons.

Return information: Non-returnable item for hygienic reasons.
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