Lymphstar Pro Fusion PHIT Therapy Heads

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Enhance your Lymphstar Pro Fusion System with PHIT heads.

The Fusion PHIT® Modality Heads for our “PHIT Compatible Systems” including the Lymphstar Pro Fusion.

The PHIT Modality Heads are our exclusive technology designed to support and amplify the effectiveness of Lymphatic Enhancement Technology – LET. These can also be used as stand-alone treatments as well, for many applications. Some have been separate products at one time, driven by their own base unit. With the introduction of the Lymphstar Pro Fusion, they are now more affordable options to all the LET systems, and can be added as needed.

Please see the individual PHIT Modalities below for details. Enjoy the ability to clear more pain, congestion, symptoms and offer superior skincare with the PHIT modalities.



This is the most popular and essential of the PHIT Modality Heads for LET therapy. The Eclipse offers a unique combination of technologies derived from the electro-magnetic spectrum. Photonic Therapy is the next revolution in the holistic health and beauty fields. In addition, High Frequencies with Harmonics have been used in health applications in many different forms.

Our PHIT system for pulsing frequencies uses 3 different high frequencies with high harmonics. These are extremely low energy in the RF range. Living systems can tune into these and utilize beneficial harmonics automatically. By leaving it in areas that have been prepared with the Lymphstar, you can treat problems where edema is visible, scar tissue areas, over organs, etc. that need attention for 5 – 15 minutes.

Think of it as a hammer, able to push out what needs clearing. The client will feel a sense of calm and wellbeing, and you will be able to make more progress in one session. The result can be pain relief, increased healing, and improving overall functioning. This can mean help for occasional and chronic suffering from over-activity, illness, injury, stress and chronic health conditions.


The Eclipse Head uses Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) in the red, blue, and near infrared range for a broad band of coverage from the light spectrum. In addition to the lights, it emits 4 specific high frequencies. These do not emit audible sounds, but they are “heard” at the cellular level, bringing them into balance!

These frequencies work along with the light waves to provide more frequency “information” to the cells. And, finally, a unique, hi-intensity cluster of red LEDs creates a powerful field of monochromatic light used for applying directly into the local area being treated. This red wavelength is also known for its effectiveness on the skin and subdermal tissues. The near infrared LEDs increase circulation and pain relief. SPECS: LIGHT = 24 diode red LED cluster, 650 -660 nm; 6 Blue LEDs at 430nm, 6 near infrared LEDs at 940nm.


Pulsed Magnetic

In the 1960’s research began medical to take magnetic fields and therapy seriously there has been renewed interest the use of electric and magnetic fields to facilitate healing in bone (hard tissues). Attention has turned to injuries of soft tissues, such as nerve, muscle, and tendons, and the pain from such injuries. Magnetic fields have some advantages over electric fields, and can be used for treating both soft and hard tissues simultaneously. Each tissue responds to a different frequency or pulsation of the wave form used. Effects of pulsed magnetic fields for injury rehabilitation are:

  • Enhancement of capillary formation
  • Decreased necrosis Reduced swelling
  • Diminished pain
  • Faster and functional recovery
  • Reduction and depth, area, and pain in skin and wounds
  • Reduced muscle loss after ligament surgery Increased tensile strength of ligaments
  • Accelerations of nerve regeneration and functional recovery.

The data listed above is referenced in the book, Energy Medicine, the Scientific Basis by James Oschman.



For advanced Skin Care, Pain Relief, Muscle Strain, and More. The Infrared Enhancer works great as phototherapy alone PLUS it performs frequency activation of our skin care products along with other transdermal nutrient creams. The Infrared Enhancer Head has been engineered to enhance your wellness and beauty needs for many years to come. It is designed to stimulate cellular energy with an extremely low frequency, including the enhancement of applied topical nutrition. It uses infrared light energy.

The Infrared Enhancer Head has a customized light array that contains 8 infrared LEDs (light emitting diodes) and one red LED that creates the red light you can see. The near infrared apply intense photon therapy into the skin. The human eye cannot see infrared, so the other LEDs will not appear to light up. The Infrared Enhancer Head Pulses at low frequencies researched for their benefits in opening lymph channels moving topical nutrition into the dermis. The unit may be used without creams, too, for general purposes. Raw skin or minor injuries may be addressed, too, with just the light.

It is highly effective by itself but is designed to open pores with vibrational energy and allow molecules in transdermal creams to enter the dermis. The vial holder allows for experimentation in bio-resonance therapy. For advanced Skin Care, Pain Relief, Muscle Strain, Naturopathic Applications of the use of the energetic signals of herbs, homeopathics, etc.

While using, hold the LIGHT ARRAY about one inch above the skin. You may safely touch the skin occasionally while using it. Run the head in a circular motion while using (one to five minutes per area). You can place the IR Enhancer flat against an area of concern for 1 minute (crow’s feet, blemishes, acne, wrinkles, smile lines, the neck, etc.)

Use over joints and muscles after exertion is desirable. Hold over the area for one to three rounds for relief. The healing energy will work on the area over night for improvements, too, if immediate relief wears off in an hour. Repeat often for injuries. Animals, too, may require only one to two rounds of 4 minutes of use. Try it for injuries, chronic pain, or other nutritional cream protocols. One report says that horses prefer the lights to be 12 inches away from the skin.



Our newest therapeutic instrument, the Crystal LymphWaves HI-Intensity Photo Therapy Head is the latest in an evolution of unique light technologies designed by Arcturus Star Products. The Crystal LymphWaves has been engineered to provide the most advanced features available in the field of photo-biology and vibrational energy technology. It combines the use of coherent, multi-chromatic non-coherent light (LEDs), and a patented delivery system that is like no other. Add a powerful tool to your practice that will expand your therapeutic success!

The CLW is used for “local treatment” for injuries, wounds, and resistant fibrous tissue, including scars, cysts, lymph nodes as well as edema and other decongestive applications; & as advanced treatment for pain management. It may also be used as a “reflective” treatment on acupuncture points. Use it with any zone therapy that utilizes the meridian system. It is also very effective as a Photo Face-Lift when used over the acupoints of the face and neck. Try it for acute and chronic pain, scars, injuries, wound healing, advancing lymphatic decongestion, accelerated healing and regeneration in skincare, and for animal applications such as equine rehabilitation for injuries. When combined with LET Lymphatic drainage prior to treatment, it provides the world’s most complete Photo-Biological Healing Technology.

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