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Lymphstar Pro Fusion the original best selling lymphatic therapy device has been fused with six more modalities into one easy, compact system with worldwide voltage.

The Lymphstar Pro Fusion combines our best selling original lymphatic therapy model with six additional modalities into a compact, easy to use system with worldwide voltage.

Thousands have benefited from the original Lymphstar Pro, a wellness innovation that improves circulation of the lymphatic system and enhances detoxification.

The Pro's capabilities are amplified in the Lymphstar Pro Fusion system, with additional options for pain therapy, phototherapy, esthetics and more combined into a single control unit. PHIT modalities can be used in conjunction with lymphatic therapies or on their own.

This unique product has become the most popular Lymphstar model available and comes with two LET applicator heads, two instructional DVDs, soft carrying bag and user's manual.

Potential benefits

  • Inducement of optimal transport of nutrients via the Extra Cellular Matrix
  • Enhanced toxin release, detoxification and decongestion
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Enhanced meridian energy flow
  • Therapy for chronic discomfort, minor injuries and sports injuries
  • Included frequencies and photons for skin conditions and minimized scarring
  • Accelerated healing
  • Transdermal nutrient/cosmeceutical delivery
  • Synergistic with all natural therapies
  • Comprehensive photonic lymphatic therapy is supportive of integrative medicine and treatment of chronic health issues

What's added to the Fusion?

The Fusion has two modality control areas. They can be used together or separately and you have two jack ports for each. The left side uses the LET modality and supports one or two heads at a time. The right side is PHIT modalities and has two ports that support all PHIT heads and the Crystal LymphWaves.

With the base unit you receive two LET heads and the option for attaching any PHIT heads you choose. We make it easy to choose exactly which PHIT heads will best fit your situation. Add them all or don't add any, but your options are below. If you want complete details about these addon heads, visit our PHIT Therapy Heads page.

Eclipse Multi-Chromatic Head

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PHIT Infrared Enhancer Head

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Pulsed Magnetic Field Head

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PHIT Crystal LymphWaves Head

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With the base unit you get two standard heads and the adapter for attaching any specialized heads you choose.
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