Lymphstar Pro Fusion Lymphatic and Photoharmonic Therapy System

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Lymphstar Pro Fusion the original best selling lymphatic therapy device has been fused with six more modalities into one easy, compact system with worldwide voltage.

fusionNow includes LET replacement bulb heads.  The Lymphstar Pro Fusion adds a whole new level to lymphatic therapy.  With all the features of the original Lymphstar Pro, six more modalities, upgradeability and other technological improvements, this system is the most comprehensive of its kind.  You can provide photo-harmonic wellness, lymphatic therapy and anti-aging modalities easily and conveniently.The Lymphstar Pro has been used in the US and 16 other counties for over 14 years.

If you are interested in adding subtle energy and photonic therapies into your clinic, the Lymphstar Pro Fusion is an ideal choice.  The device has been used by people of all ages as well as on animals.  It's great for spas, wellness centers and anti-aging clinics.  The original Lymphstar Pro has been used with thousands for enhanced detox and improved lymphatic circulation.  Now you have the option of providing even more with the Fusion.

What's added to the Fusion?

The Fusion has two modality control areas.  They can be used together or separately and you have two jack ports for each.  The left side uses the Lymphstar Pro II modality and supports one or two heads at a time.  The right side is the Fusion PHIT and has two ports that support all the Fusion PHIT heads and the Crystal LymphWaves.

With the base unit you get two standard heads and the adapter for attaching any specialized heads you choose.  We make it easy to choose exactly which Fusion heads will best fit your situation.  Add them all or don't add any, but your options are below.


Possible modalities suggestions

These are suggestions for the heads you might want for a specific practice.  You don't have to follow them but they can be a helpful guide.  You only need to choose the heads that work for what you want to do.

  • Esthetics for Skin:  Radiance Facial Contour, Infrared Radiance, Crystal LymphWaves and Eclipse Multi-Chromatic.
  • Esthetics for Cellulite:  Infrared Radiance, Crystal LymphWaves and Eclipse Multi-Chromatic.
  • Rehab Package:  ArcStar Magnetic Head, Crystal LymphWaves, Infrared Radiance and Radiance Facial Contour
  • Lymph Drainage:  Crystal LymphWaves and Infrared Radiance.  Research is ongoing.
  • Restoring Balance and Wellness:  Infrared Radiance, Eclupse Multi-Chromatic, ArcStar Magnetic Head and Crystal LymphWaves.

Potential benefits of the lymphatic therapy modalities

  • Inducement of optimal transport of nutrients via the Extra Cellular Matrix
  • Enhanced toxin release, detoxification and decongestion
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Enhanced meridian energy flow
  • Therapy for chronic discomfort, minor injuries and sports injuries
  • Included frequencies and photons for skin conditions and minimized scarring
  • Accelerated healing
  • Transdermal nutrient/cosmeceutical delivery
  • Synergistic with all natural therapies
  • Comprehensive photonic lymphatic therapy is supportive of integrative medicine and treatment of chronic health issues

More about Fusion PHIT Heads

fusionThe Fusion heads are interchangeable and can be used simultaneously with the Lymphstar Pro II modalities (except for the Radiance Facial Contour Head).  You can use up to four at once for optimal efficiency.  They can be swapped out quickly and you can even use different heads on two clients at once. 
Photo Harmonic Induction Therapy (PHIT) is the name for the unique delivery and frequency emissions used in Arcturus Star products.  The modalities span the spectrum for time-tested, safe, and beneficial photonic and vibrational therapies.

The upgrades in the Lymphstar Pro II over the original Lymphstar Pro

  • A more intense plasma energy field
  • Ultra-blue noble gas formula and the finest grade of noble gases
  • An all new feature, a pulse-rate frequency sweep dial that allows you to set frequency variability at specific numbers (0-10); or set infinite variables between 0-10 on a dial; or to manually regulate a sweep through the frequency spectrum, at your chosen pace. This greatly enhances the frequency range for breaking through resistant conditions, overcoming accommodation effects, and experimenting with a wider range of subtle energy effects. You can sweep the range you choose at the pace you choose and give the client a profound treatment.

More Features

  • Universal voltage, works across the world.  You just need the right country plug.
  • Flexible:  use one to four heads at a time with two or three modalites at a time or separately, or use it on more than one client.
  • Two year system warranty (some heads may be subject to exceptions).
  • Fully upgradeable:  All Fusion PHIT technologies in the future can be integrated into the Lymphstar Pro.
  • Two standard replaceable LET heads are included; others can be purchased.
  • Auxiliary imput jacks exist for modulating customized, additional frequencie information from bio-photon, EDS, and others to be sent through the Pulsing Magnetic, Eclipse Multi Chromatic and SkinClear SunRay heads (sold separately). 
  • You get a symposium lecture DVD series from Frontier Technology in the Healing Arts and an introductory DVD free!
  • Comes with user guide and manual that explains modalities.
With the base unit you get two standard heads and the adapter for attaching any specialized heads you choose.
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