LightningAir Personal Space O3 Air Purifier

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The LightningAir Personal Space ozone air purifier with negative ions can go anywhere you go to control odors, bacteria, viruses and more.

The easy to use LightningAir Personal Space Purifier can be run with batteries, an AC adapter or a car adapter, making it ideal for anyone who wants to improve air quality almost anywhere. It is designed to reduce viruses, bacteria, mold, pet dander and odors using ozone and negative ions. It's a great way to bring cleaner, fresh air into your space.

Modern spaces have a wide variety of pollutants that can cause problems: animal hair, mold, bacteria, fumes from new upholstery, food odors, dust mites, mildew, pollen, tobacco and more. All of these can cause allergic reactions, so it's no surprise many people want to reduce those contaminates. Interior air, in some places, can be ten times worse than outdoor air because of how easily pollutants collect in small spaces.

How does the LightningAir help?

This purifier uses the same process the planet uses to clear the air. It creates negative ions to help clear particles and dust. The ozone sanitizer removes odors without needing to use harsh fragrances. Close off the area, turn the purifier on, and let it do the rest. It will break down mildew, mold, odors and more at their source. You can also turn off the ozone and just run the negative ions when you wish.

The ultimate in portability

Because it runs on batteries, AC adapters or car adapters, and because it only weighs two pounds, you can take this purifier just about anywhere. Did you take the dogs for a ride and now the car smells? Run the Personal Space Purifier after you get home to break down those odors. Have a shed that's been closed a little too long? A boat that's been in storage and needs some refreshing before hitting the lake? A stuffy room you want to reopen? A hotel room or rental car that's a little too fragrant? The Personal Space Purifier can help in any of those situations and more.

This unit comes with a rechargeable battery, AC wall plug and car adapter.


  • Height: 3.5"
  • Length: 6.5"
  • Width: 5"
  • Power: 110-240V AC, 7W to 7.5W
  • Ions: 19.99 x 10 (6 power)
  • Fan: 1.72/ms
  • Ozone coil: 6.5ppm
  • Coverage: up to 600 Square feet (depending on pollutions levels)
  • Warranty: Three Year Limited Warranty on Parts (excludes consumables)
Limited three year warranty.
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