LET Fundamentals Class: Proficiency with LET Therapy Instruments for Lymphatic Detoxification

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This online training seminar in LET Therapy Instruments includes over six hours of instruction, notes, documents, manual, workbook, and qualification for Master Classes.

This training course is ideal for any user of the Arturus Star Lymphstar products, including the Essence, Pro and Fusion. The focus is the technology and theories of Lymphatic Enhancement Therapy products, care, setup, and methods. Learn about how to provide treatments, who can benefit, and lymphatic anatomy.

The class will also teach you about the lymphatic system and how it is important in preventing illnesses, restoring health, healing from surgery and injuries, and lessening effects of aging, as well as how the technology is used to improve and maximize the body's lymphatic drainage from organs and tissues.

Alicia Anzaldi is the featured LET instructor, with input from other health practitioners. Anatomy information was overseen by Thomas Croley PhD, the Professor Emeritus of Anatomy at Texas Womens' University.

Course Breakdown

  1. Maintenance and care of the therapy instruments.

  2. Technical overview of the LET Therapy instruments.

  3. Lymphatic Anatomy: The organization of the lymphatic system, anatomy and elimination pathways.

  4. How to Integrate LET Therapy within various health, wellness and esthetics practices.

  5. Discussion of common health issues responsive to LET: who and what to work and avoid.

  6. How to maximize detoxification of the body with LET Therapy.

  7. Clinical Practices: evaluation of the client; care of the client within a session and afterwards; detoxification symptoms, addressing safety, contraindications, cautions, how many sessions, etc.

  8. Therapy Sequences: Coverage of the key lymphatic watersheds, node groups and elimination systems of the body, by section, for a complete therapeutic session.

  9. Supplemental lectures from medical practitioners and other guests.

  10. Incorporating other Arcturus Star modalities with into the practice.

  11. Helpful guidance for promoting LET Therapy in your practice along with some resources for more assistance. The use of company branding and intellectual property (IP) is covered.

What you'll receive:

  • 6.5 hours of online instruction with video links. You will receive your link within 48 hours of ordering.
  • Subject Outline of each video.
  • Class Manual and Workbook
  • PowerPoint Note Taking Sheets
  • Study Materials that supplement the videos
  • Future Supplemental video material, as it becomes available, at a nominal charge.
  • Invitation to the Master Class events

How it works

After you place your order, within 48 hours you will receive your class link and password at the email you used to purchase. Once this is sent, the class is non-refundable.

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