Jenesco PRO-4 High Output Ozone Generator

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The Jenesco Pro-4 Ozone Air Purifier is made for commercial applications or where high output is necessary.

Excellent for cars, buses, limousines, rental cars, boats, vans and RVs, the Pro-4 ozone generator is also great for motel and hotel rooms, extended stay facilities and apartments when air sterilization is desired between uses.  The high ozone output kills odors from cigarettes, smoke damage, chemicals, cleaning, pets, decay, food, urine, vomit, drinks, mildew and mold.  Auto detailers find them invaluable.

When using the unit in a vehicle, it's best to place it on the dashboard and run your extension cord to the nearest AC outlet through the window.  If you turn on the air conditioner, the duct work will also be cleaned.  In apartments or motel rooms, set it on a shelf, stepladder or fridge because ozone is heavier than air and needs to migrate toward the floor.  Quick ozone shocks of vacant rental can be a great cost saver.  Smoking rooms can be turned into non-smoking ones and you can eliminate painting, cleaning and pet odors permanently.

Easy to use and maintain

Turn the knob to the Hold position for continuous operation, or turn the dial and select how many hours you want the machine to run.  Turn on the unit and select the right ozone output for your situation.  Stay out of the area during treatment, then open the windows and doors afterwards to let the ozone dissipate.  If truly stubborn odors stick around, repeat the treatment.  If deodorizing a home, office or other space occupied by animals or people, only use the low setting.

There is a small filter in each unit which you'll need to wash occasionally.  The plates should be cleaned with water and soap every two months or anytime there is a drop in output.  The plates are usually replaced every two years depending on amount of service and other factors.  The unit's housing is made from stainless steel so it is extremely durable.

Features and specifications

  • A must have for deodorizing spaces, especially commercial units
  • Covers up to 3500 square feet
  • 120VAC, 2 amp fused, 40 watts (220V available, see product options above)
  • 100 to 2100 mgph ozone output
  • Timer: Choose anywhere from 15 minutes to 12 hours or run continuously using Hold
  • One year warranty for defect in workmanship or materials.

Return policy: Returnable within 30 days of purchase if unit is in a new and unused condition. A $25 cleaning fee may be charged.

Ideal for commercial uses in spaces up to 3500 sq. ft. that need significant odor elimination.
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