Infralux 300A Far Infrared Heat Lamp - Desk Model

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The Infralux 300A infrared heat lamp has adjustable heat control, a quiet timer and a remote control for ease of use.

The Infralux 300A is great for infrared light therapy and pain relief, and is perfect for clinics, homes, acupuncturists, chiropractors and more.  The bulb lasts up to three times longer than similar units thanks to the insulating system and the adjustable heat and neck allow for a variety of applications.  Far infrared rays penetrate deep at a warm but pleasant temperature.  The remote control means you don't have to move to control the lamp.

Features and specifications

  • Six Months Limited Warranty on Control Panel and Labor
  • Three Months Limited Warranty on accessory parts
  • The light bulb is not covered by the warranty
  • Voltage:  110V
  • Frequency:  60Hz
  • Wattage:  250W
  • Duration:  Maximum of 30 minutes per session (2 to 30 min)
  • Varible heat adjustment
  • Height (lowest):  22" (540mm)
  • Height (highest):  31"  (785mm)
  • Weight:  6.6lbs (3kg)
  • Made in Korea

Return policy:  Returnable if in unused condition within 30 days minus a 15% restock fee.

The desk model is ideal for those short on space who want to treat small areas.
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